#32 A Life of Spirit

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for humanity today?

Yes, I do. I would like to firmly establish that life is of the spirit. Once you have firmly planted this in your knowing can you more often focus on the desires of the spirit rather than the desires of the body. Allow your spirit to guide you in your decisions and in your desires, and you will discover what a life truly can be.

If life is spirit oriented, then what does that mean in the context of the life you now live? Have you accepted this fact? Are you certain now, that you are spirit driven? Have you decided to go with this notion in order to see where it takes you? Well, in so doing have you solved one of the mysteries of life, for to understand that you are spirit first and foremost is to solve the puzzle of life. The spirit desires growth. The spirit desires experience. The spirit desires fulfillment.

To be caught in old habits and stagnant in life is to have lost touch with the spirit entity that wishes to drive you forward. To reconnect is to open the door to fresh air and a release of pent up anxiety and fear that has long been sequestered, held back, and stopped from evolving.

When I suggest that you daily take time to contemplate your life, I mean that you should look at all aspects of your life and how they have remained stagnant, as habits, over time, or how they have burst forth in order to move you forward at other times.

What are the patterns in your life? Where do you see the synchronicities that have sought to alert you to the fact that there is something else driving you? Where is your spirit now? Where does your energy blossom, and your resonance hum, so that you respond with joy and happiness and absolutely know that your spirit desires new life?

You are totally in control, but the question is, are you reading the signs in your life? Are you acknowledging the synchronicities pointing you in the right direction? Are you discovering that you need some new fresh air? Are you looking for something to shake you out of your doldrums?

Look no further than the self and the world you now inhabit. All the energy exists inside you already. All the signs are already there, pointing you correctly for your spirit growth. Do you accept the challenge to change?

As you contemplate, try on new identities in order to find the one that truly fits your spirit. You may have to try on a few, until you finally get the right one, and that is fine, for all experience is valuable. But, your spirit will continually push you, until you have landed in the right place. Once you are there, and it is right, then will your spirit fight to remain there, even if you seek to wander.

Today, I urge that no abrupt changes be made, but that your houses be put in order, so that when change happens you are well prepared and not frantic about sudden newness in your life. You never know what may happen next, but if you are diligent and conscientious you will be prepared for anything. Do not force change upon you, but allow change to find you and present itself before you. Your assignment is to prepare by allowing the self to accept the fact that change is inevitable, and change is good, and change is part of evolutionary growth.

Train yourself to accept change by making small adjustments in your day, and in your habits, as I have instructed in the past. Do make minor changes that will prepare you for gradual change, and train your awareness to notice how you feel and how you act with even the most subtle of shifts in your daily routine. Give yourself the gift of slight change in routine, even as you contemplate your life and its routines so far.

Allow yourself, during this time of contemplation, to take note of change in your past, how it affected you, and how it led you to new life, or to accept something you had previously been unaware of. As you review this process, notice the subtle hints of new life that will now approach you as well, and notice also how you react now after these many weeks of training your awareness and your spirit to awaken.

Man’s greatest fault is complacency, which leads to stagnancy and life as routine and boring. But, life does not have to ever fall into this rut if man seeks the truth of the spirit and understands that life is a journey of the spirit rather than a journey of the body.

Your body is your vehicle, and as such it requires good care in order to complete the journey that your spirit requires. Ask your spirit to guide you in your decisions and in your contemplation of your life as it is now. Your spirit will respond with good advice and expect you to take it. Try to pay attention, raise your awareness to a place of quiet listening and you will find the right connection to your spirit knowing.

At all times in your day reconnect often with this spirit. Ask it for help and see if you can hear its advice, even in the noisiest or most obnoxious situations. Learn to understand how it speaks. Is it with clear voice? Does it send physical sensations? Does it knock you over the head with loud sounds or bright lights or bold signs? Does it show you something meaningful? Does it soothe you and take care of you? Look at the many ways a spirit can call your attention. Remember to be alert and to notice all the signs in your life. Everything has meaning.

Keeping this possibility in mind, see what happens in your day, each day. See how you notice the changes in your life differently. Watch for the signs in your life with your new awareness, and as you change your life little by little notice how your spirit grows more firmly apparent in your body and in the participation in your life. Tune in to your spirit now more fully and see what happens over the next few days. I guarantee that you will be guided. The energy is good for this. Wonder how this guidance will come. Be alert. This is good.

Do you have anything else?

Remain firm in your convictions to change. This is the greatest challenge to those who have many habits to break. Remaining on the course of change without too much backsliding is the biggest feat now before you. If you revert to old behaviors do not admonish too sharply, but reset your convictions more firmly and you will advance a little further each time.

Allow for the quiet that I suggest. It is time well spent and time well earned. Give the self guilt free time alone in order to work on this idea of change and growth, and in order to begin to understand the inner voice, and the synchronicities in life, and the ability to remain aware at all times. It all takes work; so don’t deny the self the preparation time to learn all of this I speak of. Be kind to the self, but also be firm with the self in order to enact change.

Create the balance that works for you in your life and, one small step at a time, begin to change as you order your life and prepare for greater change down the road. One thing at a time and you will not be overwhelmed or overtaken by too much at once. Trust your spirit, for that is the reason you exist. Your spirit desires that life. Your job is to reconnect with it and remember why you are there and where you are meant to be going.

These are exciting times!