#31 Path of the Individual

Dear Jeanne,
What is your message to humanity today?

I have been presenting many ideas and introducing many techniques in order to promote healing and progress toward wholeness. In the assimilation of ideas are there also many subtle underlying ideologies that need to be addressed. I teach evolution and growth, but understand that there is no hint of religious practice here, except as you choose to embrace. The nature of my instruction is based solely in learning the art of detachment from the things of the world that pull you from your spirit.

I offer guidance and the means to enjoy life more fully, but on a strictly individual level and within your own capabilities, going as far as you are able, one step at a time. I require no allegiance nor do I request anything in return. I leave it up to you to choose the path you wish to take. But, I do offer alternatives to life. I offer a different view of life, a different perspective on many things in order to allow for growth, if you choose to accept such a challenge.

This is, as I have repeatedly said, a path of the individual and each of you will have a journey that is solely your own. As you delve into your inner being will you learn that this path you choose now will allow you access to deeper recesses of yourself, of your being, and of your strengths and truths, than you could imagine. As you continue in your appreciation of my offerings so will you find that you are really discovering aspects of the self that have merely been buried and awaiting uncovering.

Allow yourself to explore your inner truths by detaching more fully from your outside distractions. Give yourself daily more time alone, in quiet contemplation or meditation, in order to more fully appreciate your understanding of your place in the world. As you discover who you truly are so will you enable your spirit to be more fully active in your life.

How do you now make your important decisions or even your small decisions? Are you making them from that place of calm I speak of so often? Or are you still making them based on your attachment to the past and the material world? Where does your inner self reside? In the present or still buried? These are good questions to pose as you contemplate your situation in life and as you bring yourself into your knowing center.

Re-evaluate yourself often from this place of calm and discover how you are changing. Review your decision-making regarding yourself, and your reactions to others. Are you now more calmly detached and able to understand better your own journey and that of others? Are you more easily adapting to the flow of your life, accepting your challenges with curiosity and a new sense of adventure? Are your fears lessening as you view life from a new perspective? Are you learning to tackle life differently now?

Sit today in this state of quiet contemplation as you look upon the next step in your life. Remind yourself that your life is an adventure, and that all aspects of it are meaningful for your spirit and your growth and the evolution of your soul. Do not look upon your struggles with sadness, but look upon them as challenges and lessons that will lead you always forward to a new place in life.

Look how your life has unfolded thus far and study the way it has allowed you to be here today, allowing you not only access to your spirit in a new way, but also access to life itself in a new way. Allow both of these things, your spirit and your life as it unfolds, to bring you continually to the right place on your path, to the next step on your journey.

Your journey awaits your participation in this new fashion. It awaits your spirit evolution, and it awaits your full participation as your awareness grows and you discover all that truly exists in that earth time for your discovery and your contemplation. As you continue to venture into your own true spirit, and learn to trust the decisions that it guides you to, so will you also begin to trust what its awareness will lead you to. And life on that earth will continually reveal its wonders as you allow yourself this adventure.

I give you these insights now in order to spark your interest and your confidence in yourself to continue to move forward on your journey. Do not be afraid of the changes you are now being challenged to take. Do not worry so much about the things in that life that you are attached to, but think more on the growth of your spirit.

As you discover how your inner spirit guides you, so will it become easier to know exactly what it is saying to you, and your actions will be more decisive, as well as easier to make. For as you train yourself in centering, in balance, so are you also paying attention to that inner spirit and it is responding by becoming more of a partner on a daily basis, even if you are not fully aware of this. Simply by acknowledging its presence and allowing access to it, so are you allowing it to wake up and begin to guide you more fully.

So, continue the practices of centering, of moderation in all things, of contemplation of the inner spirit, of your inner voice, and continue studying your life’s journey, and the deeper meaning of your past, your present, and look forward to encountering your future with a new sense of the self and a new anticipation for the adventure that is your life. Who knows where it may lead you?

But, go now into life with knowledge that you are not alone on your journey, that there are helpers along the way, that there is guidance, and that, no matter what step you now take, so will it be the right step for now, and it will lead you where you need to go. Be certain of this and you will have good success. Trust your journey, and trust yourself as guide, and you will do well.