#30 Maintain Your Balance

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have any messages today?

Focus first on your balance today. Find your left side and your right side and slowly fill them to an evenness that will allow for stillness in your being. Resolve to begin each day in this manner so that your energy will flow and your humanness will allow for less constriction in your physical self. With better balance, equilibrium, between your physical and your energy self, so will you have better access to the natural flow of your own energy. With this equilibrium established, and the feel of it known and felt in your body, so will your life be more flowing in all aspects.

Once you have achieved this calm and centered balance, even if it is just to the point of holding it for a few minutes at a time, try next to focus your intentions for the day. Your intentions should be to achieve some aspect of change in your life every day. This I have spoken of often. Do not ever lose this practice either. Your maintained balance and your focus on change are your underlying modes of evolution. With these fairly simple methods will you enact growth. So, set a small intent for the day; do this daily. Find your place of difficulty, perhaps, and use that as the area to begin enacting change in.

Allow your own calm energy to guide you and point out to you what you should do and how you should proceed. It will tell you what changes to make and how to go about making them. This you already know. You know how the truth speaks to you. But, as always, the question is, do you listen, and do you then act upon this knowing?

As the energy upon the earth now pushes for change, so are you at a good advantage to be able to tap into it and utilize it for your own purposes of growth, since you are aware of how energy works, either in your favor if you harness it, or against you if you allow it to take over. To harness that energy flow, utilize the skills of inner balance and inner intent, and you will begin to feel the result of that energy, as it becomes your catalyst to growth.
Do not worry about outside entities at this time. Do not worry about tapping into the wrong energy that also seeks to interrupt your growth and feed off your personal energy. With your balance achieved, and your intent on change, will that energy steer away from you. It seeks weakness and easy access, for it does not like to fight too hard for its food. In a weakened state of balance, without the focus of intent, are you a less formidable target. For those who live in oblivion, and unawareness, is there a greater possibility of becoming a target. Even your awareness of such energy, as it attempts to find access to you, keeps you generally safe.

But, of course, we are not, as human beings, perfect or totally aware at all times, and yes, there is the possibility of small feeders nibbling away at your energy as you remain unaware. Do not let this bother you. Focus instead on keeping your balance and maintaining your intent on change, and this will, as it gradually becomes your strength, leave you as a less tasty morsel for those hungry entities.

To obsess on them leaves you vulnerable to them, for then do you send them your intent, and they understand that energy of obsession and are immediately drawn to it. Focus away from this kind of energy and instead focus on the pure energy of goodness that seeks to stir up the stagnancy that has long swelled upon that earth, leaving many in its heavy muck.

Has there not been talk of war now for many years? Has there not been talk of destruction and talk of earthly fallibility? Have there not been times of grief and times of poor assimilation of spirit? Where there is power and greed is there much imbalance, and that is what the conditions upon that earth now reflect.

What has this meant in your own life? How has that energy affected you? Has it captivated your own spirit energy, unbeknownst to you? Have you fallen under its heavy spell and become part of an energetic flow that is not growth oriented, but hell-bent on greed and destruction seeking to take over? Or has your own spirit noticed that this energy is not compatible, and has it fought to disengage from it, and seek instead its own individual energy path?

I believe, I, Jeanne Marie Ketchel, that those of you who read my messages have been the restless ones who have known that the energy upon the earth that has caused that stagnancy is not the energy of truth, but the energy of mass destruction, and though it purports to carry messages of growth and evolution does it so at the exploitation of many and the eminent demise of civilization as you know it. That energy reserves growth only for the few. It is not an energy of spirit and truth, but instead full of feeder entities who delight in its deliciousness and easy pickings.

Your own sprit has sought to alert you to the fact that you are not truly drawn to such energy. Your own spirit has been pulling you inward, back to your center and the knowing of itself as your truth and your guide.

See this pattern of spirit in your own life. See how your journey has continually turned you in the direction that your spirit has steered you, offering you opportunities of growth away from the mainstream consciousness and the energy of mass destruction and that mass consciousness that is easily tapped into, easily drawn into, and easily fed off of. Your own spirit has instead sought to teach you balance, in the self and outside of the self, in order to guide you to this place of knowing and this place of awareness that is now upon you.

So, as always, I instruct you, as you continue your journey, as you seek to find your place and your reason for that life and your next step, to balance and maintain calm at all times. This you will find will become your place, eventually, for connection with, not only the self, but those of us who guide.

As you strengthen your trust in this place of balance and inner calm, so will you find that you will also, one day, be able to trust more fully the knowing that arrives for you from this place. As your calm center becomes your everyday place for longer and longer periods so will you find that you will hear more clearly the inner voice of truth. Eventually, will you trust it and understand how it works to guide you, and it will become as familiar as your hands before your eyes and you will trust it to accomplish, with dexterity and innate ability, as much as those hands now do.

Everything must be learned and tried out and proven in order for you to trust in it. That, you already know. Find in your balance, and in your calm center, this knowledge and allow it to guide you as you daily set an intent and make a small aspect of change, and teach yourself that you can do this and then, watch the results. Then make another small change in your life with a new intent, and see how you begin to train yourself to do this on a daily basis and how you begin, not only to expect results, but also desire them more fully. Your spirit loves this desire. Your spirit loves your focus on change and growth, and your spirit finds happiness as you continue to seek this avenue of expression, leading you to continually seek your realness and your truth.

As you focus on the self now, as you begin to more fully engage in change, remind yourself that this time of change is necessary for you to become, not only a more loving and compassionate human being, but also a more fully realized spiritual being. In the long run, as you learn to tap into the new energy that sweeps into the atmosphere, will you grow into wholeness and maturity that will bring you into contact with others who are of similar character and on similar journeys.

Abide now in this balance and calm of self. Find your equilibrium and know that your focus in life is spirit growth, first and foremost. Expect this of others as well in your life and allow them access to their own spirit being in order to go on their own journey. Do not hold another accountable for your spirit journey nor be accountable for another’s. Do teach this balance and centering as a means of accessing the spirit though, and you will have given the gift worth giving at this time of energy shift and energy change.

Allow your spirit the freedom to seek the uppermost flow of energetic force that now desires sweeping change, rather than staying caught in the murky stagnancy that lies below and hides the awareness from you.

Where are you in your life today, right now? Go calm and centered as you ask yourself this question throughout the day. Pull in and see where you are. Check around you from this calmness and see what is surrounding you that you don’t need, and detach from it, dismiss it! Is there really anything outside of you that you need right now? Stay in your calm for as long as you can and discover this quiet spirit self that is so capable and so guiding. This is good for today.

Good luck on your journey. May you find joy in your own goodness of center, and your own knowing, and delight in your own spirit. Stay with this path. You are doing well.