#29 Doubt

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message today?

Do not doubt your own abilities to heal yourself. Do not doubt your own strengths and your own cognizance to find your way through the realities of life. Do not disregard your abilities to deal with the distractions and the intrusions in your life. I have taught you now, for many weeks, to understand that you have deep within all that you need to deal with that life you now live.

Your journey is important. Every step of that journey, and every aspect of that life you now live, is significant and full of strength building progress. You are fully capable of enticing yourself into trust and understanding of the meaning of your own journey and the road you are now taking to further your growth and your prospects.

Your progress is phenomenal, for at this point in your life have you made the decision to follow your instinct and your inner knowing to the deepest level yet. You have decided to trust, not only my guidance, but also your own inner self and your abilities to follow your awareness where it leads you.

Do you doubt? Well, that is fine and even good. For I always say that doubt is useful, in that it teaches you to question and test all that you are learning in order to prove, without a doubt, that what you are experiencing is real and useful. But, this you must discover on your own terms and by your own means, and this testing of my proposals and my guidance is exactly what you should be doing in order to procure your own knowing.

Experience is, indeed, the only proof you have and need. So, do not hesitate to have doubts. Do not feel that you must constantly accept and trust me without your own resonance and proof. For, just because I say something, does not make it so until you have experienced it in your own life and see how my guidance is not only handy, but also pertinent, and meaningful, in your own life.

I do not want sheep blindly following me or taking my guidance simply because it sounds good, I want you as an individual to seek resonance in your own life, to discover for yourself the truth of what I speak of, and only then will your trust be firm and your continued progress certain. For my guidance is useless if you do not practice with it in your own life. What good is a lot of information if you do not utilize it.

Today, I speak of doubt because I know that this is a time of great contemplation now upon that earth, that many decisions are being attended to, and pondered over, and that there are, on the horizon, many important issues pending. To sit now on the brink of change, and to seek rightness of purpose, and deeply realistic progress is a time of trepidation and doubt. For, how does one choose the future when there is little vision of it before you? How do you make a decision when your progress is so totally unknown, as it is now? There are so many variables, and so many conclusions and outcomes. But, I say to you, that if you sit quietly within the self, in the quiet center, and allow this self guidance to be your leader now, so will your decision be right for now, and your own knowing will not guide you incorrectly, but take you to a new level of life, but also a new level of trust in the self as guide.

Why is that world now so crazy and energetically frantic? Well, it is a time of great shake up and it is necessary for all to understand, at this time, the affects of decisions made in the past, and to clearly see what has resulted from improper choices being made, choices made with the wrong purpose, and the wrong self in charge. Now is it time to allow the inner self, the knowing self of right, to make the decisions rather than the outside self. Even on a larger, collective basis, the world-wide basis too, is it time to become innerly cognizant and make decisions that place the country, and the world, on a new course away from greed, commercialism, and exploitation, and back on a course of spirit, and respect, and universal love and compassion.

For these things are at the root of that human spirit, the eternal spirit that resides in all of you, and seeks to wake up, and become part of life, and lead you in a new direction, with that spirit fully awake and alert to all that is around it, and all that is available for your use upon that earth.

So, test yourself; know your path by your experiences, trust your own inner guidance as you learn what that means from the guidance you gain under my tutelage and elsewhere in your life. Look around you often as you learn and see what is there that you have failed to notice before. As your awareness grows so will you begin to discover that the veils that have kept you ignorant of your true place in the world have been hiding much else from you as well.

Your life is exceedingly meaningful. Your inner spirit is strong and capable of leading you correctly on your journey. Take time daily to connect with your inner knowing, your center, that I speak of often, and you will be helping yourself to gain access to your awareness, and your trust will grow, especially as you see the results of change in your life and real examples of your inner knowing.

Hide not from your inner truth. Do not be afraid of it. Do not be afraid of doing what you know is right. Do not hesitate to allow yourself to act upon your knowing, a little at a time, learning to trust it as you see how you follow its advice, and its knowing, and grow in your life. Stay calm and centered, even as the energy around you blows ferociously.