#28 Taking Responsibility

Dear Jeanne,
What is the message for today?

Today, I speak of learning the meaning of responsibility, as regards the journey of life upon that earth, and the evolutionary journey as well, for your life now upon that earth is but a segment of your eternal life. As you learn my methods, I encourage and urge you to teach those in your nearness and in your care the rules regarding that earthbound journey. Yes, life may, at times, seem too cruel or overwhelming, but that is just a suggestion of truth, for all journeys are learning experiences, and difficulties and challenges that you encounter on that life journey are but catalysts to growth.

Remind yourself often that you are on a journey, one of unimaginable growth and evolution. Remind yourself that to take this journey more fully is it necessary to become more aware of the world around you, the world of your past and your place in the context of the past, as well as the present, and the future. Do not doubt that every step of your life has and has had meaning. This is the most gratifying truth to keep in mind, for it will ground you in your journey and in the intent of growth that you now experience.

I urge you now to pull together all the fragments of your past, your child self, your young evolving self who struggled with unknowing, and your mature adult self who now seeks wholeness, and with these parts now firmly drawn together do I urge you to accept each and every fact of you and every aspect of your journey thus far taken. Do not blame your child for its innocence, or your youth for its naïveté, or your adult for its stumbling decisions. Review your life as a puzzle that you now have pieced together in order to fully understand the self as you have thus far lived your life.

Grant yourself wholeness and take full responsibility now as a mature, aware adult for your journey. Your entire life’s journey depends upon you, the knowing you, to continue this evolutionary flow that has entered your life and given you renewed purpose and new energy. Resolve your inner difficulties, smooth out your differences, and do not judge your puzzle parts. Accept yourself fully as a journeyer, a student of life, and a seeker of new virtues that will propel you forward on your journey.

To take responsibility for the journey of the self requires firm commitment to this life as a journey. To accept the self as companion requires maturity and the ability to allow all aspects of the self to make the journey with you. To take on the responsibility of the entire self, both the past and the present, requires a fresh outlook on your life so that you may proceed forward now into a future that will be different because you will allow it to be so.

As you pull together your fragmented self is it necessary to detach from those outside entities that seek to steal your energy. All the distractions of that life that pull at you, that seek your attention and your energy, will also seek to keep you bound to them and unavailable for this journey I speak of. Your ability to refocus your attention from outside to your inner journey will now be put to the test. Your ability to accept the self as you now are, with all of your quirks, and your bad decisions, and your faulty moves, is part of this process of detachment from your old self-opinions, and an attachment to your newly discovered self as correct and able to make this journey with clarity, bravery, and truly trusting of the mature self to guide and protect you properly as you proceed in that life.

Have you not learned to trust yourself now more fully? Are you not more secure in your knowing of life as a journey? Trust me when I tell you that you are not far from feeling a more fully lived wholeness, not far from understanding your journey more clearly, and not far from enjoying release from your old world. Travel forward now, my good companions, with your adult in charge and with all the aspects of the self fully responsible and accepting of this new self you have become. As you have learned that your journey upon that earth is necessary, so have you gained clarity on your own journey and understood it in the context of your life thus far. But, have you gone so far as to trust that journey and to trust yourself now on that journey? Are you not feeling even slightly whole, and aware of new understanding of the self? Are you not repeatedly amazed at the new experiences in your life as your clarity has grown?

Find your equilibrium daily. This small act of balance that I speak of will establish your knowing center and draw you in to your inner truth and your inner knowing. From this place, this mature, yet innocent place must you now take on life with a new sense of responsibility to trust your journey, all aspects of it, past, present, and future, and ride now the future as it daily comes, with the knowledge that you are well prepared, aware and alert, and eager for your life as it unfolds.

Process all of my messages slowly. See how they fit into your own life. What aspect resonates most deeply with you? How can you change today? Where is your life taking you next on your journey? Do not be afraid. You have now many tools, which you have learned to use and which can assist you as you go. Find your center as often as necessary and work from there. Choose to embrace your adult and mature self as the responsible and trustworthy guide you know you are. Take the time daily to thank yourself for a job well done, and a journey well done, as you continue forward armed with new insight.

I await you as you move further down the road on your evolutionary journey. Do not forget to ask for help as you go. If you truly need it you will receive it. But, if you do not receive it, or it does not come as you expect, so will you discover that it is far better that you discover what you need on your own, or in a fashion that will be most meaningful. Often, is it better to understand that you are fully capable of helping yourself, especially in hindsight is this clearer.

So, be brave, be strong, be aware, be trusting, and be prepared for life with your new view of it firmly planted in your knowing. Once you realize that your life is truly an amazing journey and that you are your own boss, your own guide, and your own companion, so will you more fully understand what it means to accept responsibility for this journey you are on.