#27 Inner Child

Dear Jeanne,
What are you going to talk about today?

Today, I see the inner child needs some comment and some attention. I speak of the immature child in all of us who, as human beings, must learn to bring that child to maturity as we age and learn the workings of a journeying life.

My own inner child suffered from deep abandonment issues and, as a result, I carried within also a protection around that child. We all do this in some form, whether it be as a known action or an unknown action. We must learn, all of us, to discover how we treat our own inner child in order to lead it properly to maturity.

Do you harbor love for that dear child? Do you abhor that innocent one? Do you have within you already the maturity of growth as you have traveled together into adulthood? Do you pamper continually that child and allow it to rule your life, or do you deny it total access to your evolving self? All of these issues must be addressed in order to fully understand the relationship you have with your own inner child.

What is an inner child, really? This is your beginning I speak of, your base, and your ground, your earliest perceptions of life, and your earliest experiences that made their mark on your innocence. And in your innocence did you deal with them as only a child could, for a child does not have the ability to perceive as an adult may. But a child has protection of knowing, and instinct, for it has within it the recent memory of birth and pre-birth, and all that came before. It also is cognizant of beginning a new journey, though this fact lies dormant in everyday life as it learns constantly to make its way in a world that leaves little time for contemplation.

A child enters the world and is immediately bombarded with sights, and sounds, and sensations that it must organize and understand in its own fashion. It must learn to deal with a constant barrage of making sense of everything it encounters. There is much to learn, and it is a rapid and unrelenting experience right from the start. The child has life itself as a teacher, and this, you know, is not an easy taskmaster, for life pushes for immediate growth.

Understand yourself now in this context, as innocent child busily attempting to make sense of the world, while at the same time constantly being challenged and forced into life in all of its glory and all of its misery. Be grateful that you have survived and arrived at this point in your life with that innocent being at your foundation, and as your root to life as you know it.

Admiration for that innocent child is absolutely appropriate, for even though it did not fully comprehend reality at all times, so did it continually go to battle and learn the ways of life. Accept its journey as the basis of your own and you will more fully appreciate all that your inner child has done for you.

As you recapitulate this child self, find him or her inside you now, today. Where is he or she? What stage of life is he or she at today? Have you abandoned that child? Have you forgotten to allow your inner child to grow up and merge with you into adulthood? Have you not understood that this is necessary for a mature life of full relationship with yourself and others? Have you been carrying a baby around all these years? Well, the time has come to rescue that child, that baby, from the limbo you have left it stranded in. Even if you have successfully matured your inner child, so must you reconnect with it again in clarity and truth, and allow it to now see its life as an aspect of your own journey, with all that it has lived, and blindly fought through, now thoroughly explored and realized.

All must first deal with this innocence inside the self and allow it to fully blossom and become integrated in life again. As you explore your true innocence, as you trust this aspect of yourself once again, will you meet not only your own inner child, but also will you meet, once again, the truths that you have carried with you into this life. These are the truths of possibility, and trust, and purity that will allow you to fully open to a life of growth and evolution. The innocent inner self knows all. When I say that, I do not mean the big baby self, but the pure eternal innocent self, the very spirit you are, the true spirit who began that life you now lead and is awakening as you take this journey with me.

Find your innocent truth and allow it to work with you, once again, as you continue your journey in that life. Allow its knowing to be your guide once again. Tap into it more fully, with your trust growing daily, as your experiences in that life point out to you the truth of this self as you learn to read the signs that guide you. Trust your experiences, they are the truths that allow your journey to be fully realized. They are all that you have to show you the path. For how can you trust even my words, unless they resonate with the experiences in your own life?

I leave you with this task of introducing your adult self to your inner child, your innocent beginning, your gentle spirit, and eventually will you discover your truth waiting to guide you. Have a pleasant journey. Do not be afraid, as I always say, you are just going on an adventure into the self. What harm is there in that? Enjoy the adventure as you continue to discover who you are and why you are there.