#26 Tools of Awareness

Dear Jeanne,
What do you want to talk about today?

I seek to pass along the tools of awareness, the ability to perceive your world differently, and to begin to view life as eternal, rather than finite. There is no end to life if you choose to perceive it as so, as endless, as evolutionary, and as ever consistent, and full of possibilities for growth.

I have endeavored to guide you to this place of now, where you are beginning to understand, not only my language and my means of speech, but also my intent. I seek to aid you in your own personal evolution, to offer guidance in how to grow beyond the everyday life you find yourself stuck in, and how to grow beyond all that you now believe comprises your life and your destiny. All upon that earth have the opportunity to grow abundantly, but it takes courage to break the old habits and the old patterns of life, to refuse the normal perceptions of life as you know it, and begin to perceive it in a totally new manner.

I have systematically been introducing you to new ideas, both of the self and the world around you. As these new insights permeate the thick crust of old knowing that has developed around you so have you begun to break away from the old ideas of the self and the world. The old ideas have had many inroads and many years in which to establish themselves as fact. During this time, your world and your energy have become compacted to narrow forms of unused potential. Your world has been molded by the outside world for the most part, and the attempts to shift to inner knowing have greatly been affected by that outside influence.

I have been teaching you balance in order to alleviate some of that pressure of the outside world and to gain a better knowing of your own inner world. This is important to note: that you have been experiencing your very own inner world as you have followed my guidance, and no one else’s. This is significant in understanding that this is a mission of the individual spirit and not a mission of the collective spirit, initially. Once the individual spirit is mature and has developed new skills, awakened long dormant skills, and actually utilized them in the world, then is there hope for a collective spirit awakening. But this awakening of the collective spirit must begin with the awakening first of the individual spirit. As you gain knowledge of your own individual spirit and learn what you are capable of so will you begin to allow your outer world to change, and without fear will you begin to experience many shifts in perception that will take you on your individual journey.

Today, I wish to speak more fully of your place in that real world. You exist in dense physical form, yet within that heavy body do you live another life of lightness and energy that your access to is limited by the weight of your physical vehicle and the weight of the energy outside of you that constantly presses down upon you.

The role of your inner spirit is to recognize and understand this pressure that exists outside of you and seeks to infiltrate and steal your own source of energy that you need in order to, not only live, but to perceive and gain better awareness of your life, and life in general. I did not fully understand the heaviness of the human form until I died and left that body and that realm that is earth, for both of them reside in such heaviness that just the thought of returning is abundantly negative to me in the state I now reside in. Even glimpses of pure energy, that you may at times perceive upon that earth, are a mere hint of the pure energy that you each contain in the reality of your being. Keep this in mind as we continue our work, keep in mind that you are pure and vital energy, each and every one of you, and it is this energy that you seek to tap into, to protect, and to utilize in your awareness training.

I wish to speak about the energy outside of you that presses upon you and seeks entry in to your own energy field in a constant bombardment of attempts. As you are learning the balance I speak of so are you containing your personal energy in better fashion, as you contain it you also protect it from hungry energy feeders that seek to drain you of this vital and delicious energy. Have you ever felt depleted of energy, totally wiped out and exhausted because you have given all of your energy away on things that are not fulfilling or useful to you? Have you wasted your energy on inanities and sloppy habits when you could instead be renewing your energy with new habits and new connections that will stir up your own energy out of slumber?

The outside world is full of energy attractors, those entities that are attracted to your good source of energy and desire nothing more than to slip their straw into your cup of energy and suck to their heart’s content. This is their job. They are part of the universe, part of the challenge upon that earth, and part of each of your lives. Have no doubt about the existence of such entities. Be aware of them in your own daily life, even as you now are more aware of your own energy, of how vital and important it is to you and necessary for this job of evolution that you now undertake. What are these entities? What form do they take? How do they attach? How do you know they are attached? Do you feel them?

These entities reside caught in the veils of unknowing hanging all around you upon that earth. They reside in many guises, as true character actors, true tricksters ready to lead you where they desire you to go so that they may feast upon you under their terms. Look upon your own habits now, your own attachments, and your own bodily desires, not the life sustaining bodily needs, but the unnecessary ones. For to live upon that earth in true balance is there really very little that you need in order to survive and grow and still live quite a nice life.

Look upon your own existence and discover what hides in the veils around you, seeking to steal your energy and throw you off balance and take you away from your inner knowing and keep your inner spirit buried so that you do not have either time or energy to engage it. Those veils exist around everyone. Until now you may not have been aware of them, but as you have gained clarity and knowledge of life as a journey so have you begun to see that you have lived your life in unclear and muffled discomfort, unable to gain the clarity that leads you now to accept, not only the possibility of guidance, but also the possibility that all things are possible. As you gain clarity will you begin to understand what this means. As you begin to read the signs in your life, and follow the synchronicities in your life, will you begin to understand and gain greater clarity on what I mean when I say that all things are possible.

Suspend judgment today, judgment of the self, as you list your own external attachments and begin to view them differently, not as necessary attachments, but as unnecessary energy drains. Which ones can you immediately drop? Which old habits can you immediately strike off your list? What are the most obvious of your old habits that you can immediately depart from? Are you bound by habits created solely by others? Are you stuck thinking that you must do such and such, in such a manner because you learned it that way, and it has just become a habit with no meaning and no use?

Put together now all of my little encouragements, my little teachings and begin to make some changes, now. One small change, one small step, and you will begin to take back some of your own vital energy to be used, now solely, for the renewal of your own energy source. Give it back to your inner spirit so that your balance and your awakening project may progress a little bit more.

In the world of pure energy are there also entities that seek to steal from those of us who reside here. I am constantly aware of them, but my perception now is highly trained to recognize them and I can avert their attention. I am well protected by my own vital energy containment, but also by the far greater containment of my group, an energy collective full of intent for the evolution of all spirits now residing upon that earth.

As participants in that mission are you expected to learn about your own energy now while still upon that earth so that eventually you may work your way forward into this evolutionary state I and others reside in. There are many groups that seek to enhance, not only life upon earth, offering clarity and opportunity to grow and connect, but also offer the opportunity to join a path of eternal life and energy.

Begin now to explore your own energy with the challenge I place before you today. Discover what it is that exists in your own world that seeks to command your attention and in so doing steal your delicious energy, leaving you depleted and lost in the veils that are your life upon that earth. With gentleness to the self, with systematic and reasonable attention to the details of your outer life can you shift your perception of your self and your energy usage, and gain better balance as you explore the reality of your life from this new perspective I present.

Maintain your balance, even as you allow yourself to explore that which inhabits your outer world, your everyday reality. Bring yourself back constantly to your place of calm, even as you allow yourself to venture deeply into the habits that hold you fast and steal your vital energy from you. Allow yourself to explore, then pull back, gain clarity from your place of calm, and from this center resolve how you will seek to retain your energy differently now.

I will talk about this more in the future, but this is enough for today. Remember always that you are on a journey and that all of those habits and those attachments have played an important part and have been necessary aspects of your journey. But, the question is whether or not they still maintain such a necessary place, or have you learned your lessons well, and are ready to move on and release them from your energy pool.

All of this is good work to do upon the self, both the outer self and the inner self. Your ability to release the attachments that are no longer necessary, one at a time, is preparing you for the simplicity in life that you will one day discover is fulfilling enough, as you find your inner spirit had far more to offer you in adventures than even the most fantastic of adventures upon that great earth. I urge you all to change!