#25 Consider Your Young Self

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for all of us today?

All of you did begin that life in the same manner, without exception. All began life formed of seed and egg, and all began as babies, growing into youth. You have traveled now far on your journey, yet must you return to that innocent child you once were, and give thanks for the job done well by that innocent one. For who cannot be pleased with the progress of life if looked upon as a journey and with understanding that all aspects have been, and continue to be, valuable.

Today, I request that you consider your young self who valiantly fought through a life of unknowing in order to allow you access to all that you now have in your presence. For without the innocence of that child who allowed for growth in spite of difficulties, veiled purpose, and hidden truths, would you have been unable to evolve. Be not caught in sorrow or sadness for this child you once were, but offer congratulations for a job superbly done.

All must understand that to begin life in such innocence, lost in both the wonder of the world and the confusion of the inner life, is one of the greatest challenges that you have had to overcome. In spite of life’s veiled appearance did you at all times find progress so that you now are upon that earth in new fashion, eager to now understand and fathom all that was once hidden and seemingly dangerous. But, do not be fooled by those old ideas, for there is nothing dangerous about the ability you have gained over your life’s journey to continually venture into both the unknown outer world and the unknown inner world.

Continue to abide by the new rules of life that you are discovering regarding your own journey. Know that all signs point you in a direction of growth and that no matter what choices you decide to make for today so do you have the opportunity for newness and awareness.

Find your equilibrium continually throughout your day. Reenter yourself as you shift back and forth between understanding the old you and fathoming further the new you. Center in your knowing that your journey thus far has been, not only necessary, but that it has provided you with incredible experiences that have pushed you and propelled you forward on a journey of learning. Your challenges have been your teachers. Contemplate what you have learned and take into your center this self-knowledge and allow it to permeate your being and become as truth and witness to your spirit as it grows.

Use this self-knowledge to allow you to continue your journey. Now, as you live your life are you aware that every thing, every person, and every event in your life is meaningful and you have been given the gift of understanding that will aid you as you grow. Your life upon that earth will now take on new significance as you allow your awareness to guide you, and your knowledge to open you to experience and the natural flow of life. Your journey now may become one of intensity as you truly experience all that comes into your nearness. Your presence upon that earth may now join in life differently as you see yourself in the context not only of your own journey, but in the context of all life and all journeys upon that earth.

Your time there is not only meaningful to you, but it is also meaningful to all life upon that earth. Place your young child self firmly upon the path you now understand as your journey and allow that child a firm place as your companion, and even your guide. For did you not trust that child once to take you where you needed to go, and did not that child succeed? Look upon the children in your own life now as also capable, and know that even as you once met your challenges so will they, though they may not yet have clarity of knowledge of the truth of their lives.

Your own knowing self was once such a child who dared to encounter life, not by running and hiding, but by accepting the challenges that presented themselves, and by being brave and daring enough to continue growing, no matter what appeared to steal your energy. This is the root of all challenge, this aspect of life that many do not recognize as important: that all energy upon that earth is not contained and nurturing, but that energy does exist that seeks gluttonously to feed off other energy. Children are vulnerable, yet are they also, in their innocence, well protected. Their new and vital storehouse of energy is enough for a lifetime and instinctively protects itself, though the innocent child is unaware of this. Now, as an adult are you capable of understanding, not only your own energy, but also the energy outside of you that seeks to disrupt you and steal from you.

This I will go into next time, for it is an important aspect of life upon that earth. I have been teaching you about your own energy, how to recognize it, and how to use it for yourself and for others as you learn how it works. Contain it now, inside, as you do your inner work. As you visit your youth, and your child self, use that energy to wrap up that small child and safely plant it upon the path it has unknowingly been journeying upon all these many years. As your small child self joins you now upon this awakening journey so do you pull in your fragments and your mysteries into your containment, your center, where your energy now awaits in order to tend and nurture and comfort. Your energy is available for this small act of kindness to the self today in order to continue on this amazing journey of discovery.

Take the quiet self to bed with you tonight and be quietly safe and tender together, fully aware that you are on a journey of not only truth, but also adventure, into the unknown. But, be assured that you are well guided and well provided for, and as you dare to embark further on your destined path so will this become clearer. Your experiences will prove that you are doing exactly what you should be doing. Your path will open, and awareness of what to do next will improve as you travel in your new containment with this understanding of life as journey, and guidance as available, and the self as strong and able, but also as adventuresome and daring.

This is good for today. Do not go into the self in old fears, but do go into the self in new awareness and a sense of adventure. With good intent of purpose will your journey open new doors and will your energy be put to good use.

[That is the end of the message for today. I went on to ask for guidance specifically for Chuck and I and received the following message, which we have decided to share with all of you since it is very helpful.]

Do you have any other messages for us, Chuck and I, today?

I find that your stagnancy periods are of little use to you. Better to contemplate rather than vegetate. Do not harbor anger or despair for the sluggish self, but do challenge that aspect of the self to at least utilize those times of dullness for learning purposes. Watch the habits that tend to pop up during these stuck times and avoid falling into old pitfalls, whether old habits of the self or habits of the couple. Keep aware of where you are and what you are intending with your life now, at all times. Your awareness must be utilized and sustained so that you continue to grow rather than sit in muckiness and inhibit growth. Seek always the way to growth, keep this uppermost in your daily plan and allow your intent to have this always present as you regain your daily equilibrium. Point always forward toward growth and you will do well.

I think I’ll stop now. I think some of that last advice you gave us is good for all. Can I use it in the daily message?

I leave that up to you and the knowing of Chuck. You two are the guides first encountered, even before me, and you know what those in your care need and are ready for. I push all along. I challenge, yet do I also understand the human nature and the need for patience as this progress is made sometimes slower than I’d like. Use your good judgments. My messages are meant to assist those who choose to engage in my teachings, though I sometimes may seem too abrupt. This I understand. You decide what is ultimately appropriate; though don’t expect me ever to withdraw my confrontational methods, for that would be both disrespectful and demeaning to those who are true seekers. I tenderly trust and challenge them all and that, my dears, is also what I give to you, my own trust and many challenges, because I know you are fully capable of not only taking on that life, but also the next, as are all, they just don’t know it yet!