#24 Trust the Dumb Animal

Dear Jeanne,
Your guidance is assisting many on their journeys. What would you like to talk about today?

Awareness, perception, and the quiet contemplation of your life, now, as you stand poised upon the threshold of new life, are important aspects of your journey. Stand in intense alertness as does the “dumb” animal, aware and using all of its animalistic senses and preceptors in order to assess the environment around it. Stand as the coyote upon the cliff, as the deer in the forest, as the snake in the grass, or even as the tiny cricket upon the screen, and await word from your knowing self. Abide by the rules of life that now will become apparent as you enter this new world before you.

Your life will begin to change as you change, and as you dare to embrace your new approach to all that you view. As your instincts, your intuition, and your knowing, based on your new alertness intensify, so will you begin to perceive your life differently, and your outlook will change as well. The way you proceed in your life will vary now greatly from your previous patterns, as your old habits will drop by the wayside as you find your equilibrium in this new flow of energy.

As you step out into new life remember that the energy will seek to overtake you, for it cannot help but do this, for it is rambunctious and playful and full of intensity that seeks to enliven and carry you far. Your job, now though, is to approach this playful energy with maturity and sobriety. Yes, you will want to join its flow, but you must prepare to do this differently now. With calm inner balance, and new knowledge of the self, and the firmly grounded capabilities of the self in place, will you have success as you venture forth.

First though, I ask that you stand a while and see what you discover about where you are now that you have dared to take the first step into new life. Have you not yet dared? Well, I believe you are on the precipice and it is only a matter of time. You will dare, for you do not wish to lose out on such opportunity for growth. Remain quiet and calm now. Still your beating heart, calm your fluttery nerves, and allow your breath to slow down to gentleness inside you. Look around you now in this calm and steady state. Take on the animal instincts I speak of, and perceive as this animal perceives.

Soak in everything you encounter. Look with piercing gaze, and learn all that you must from this vantage point. Take note of all that lies before you. Notice the swirling river beside you. Notice the frantic energy that causes it to peak and flow in turbulence. This is the wild energy that will seek to entice you to join it. This is the energy that you will have to learn to harness and utilize, but you must do so without getting caught in its currents, and without drowning in its undertow. For the river deceives many who are unaware of its power. Look upon it as dangerous and conniving, even as you look upon it as wild and beautiful. The raw energy of it must be tamed if you are to utilize it to your advantage. Such is the energy that now flows upon that earth.

It is manageable, and it is readily available, if you learn to harness it and utilize it to your advantage. This will be your challenge. For new life at this time offers tremendous boosts of growth and self-empowerment, but in order to take advantage of it, in a manner that is not only practical, but also life giving and spiritually meaningful, must you understand it and how it works, so that you may use it to your advantage.

It is time now to observe, to master, not only the energy around you, but your own abilities that you hold within, abilities that have long been lying dormant, and unused. Perhaps you are discovering new abilities for the first time in your life, or perhaps you are awakening old abilities that you have not allowed out in a long time. Whether you greet these abilities as new friends, or long lost old friends, so must you allow them to be nurtured and processed in this new environment that you now find yourself in.

These abilities will be abilities of the animals that I speak of, the quiet inner instincts that lie dormant in all of you. Your inner knowing has been awakening and now requires nurturance. Your inner spirit holds in its hands the abilities of nature that you see all around you in the “dumb” animals I speak of. Do you not see the creatures of the world with knowing in their lives? Do you not understand the animal instinct as being ancient and superior? Do you not understand that you, too, have innately buried inside you these same preceptors?

Let today be a day of quiet contemplation. Where do you find yourself? What step are you about to take? What step have you taken thus far? What world do you see before you? What do you see as your next step? Breathe in the new air. Take in the new sight. Look over the new landscape. Study it. Learn each detail of it and know your place in it. Feel your place in this new world you see before you.

You may be in ruffled alertness or you may lie in unruffled calm. You may be passing through the veils of change or you may be already through the passageway. It does not matter where you are on your journey; know that you are taking the right step for you at this moment in your life. Know that it is right, and that your guides will protect you and provide you with all that you need. This I can guarantee, for we love to aid those who dare, and those who do so with bravery, even thought they are afraid and shaky and uncertain, yet do they take that major step to change and spirit growth.

Learn the new rules in your life now. Learn the rules of calm, and quiet self; listen and contemplate, and allow the inner voice to emerge more clearly now, and direct you on your travels.