#23 Shed Your Old Garments

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have any messages for humanity today?

Do not stand in the way of your own progress as you take the journey your spirit leads you on. If you have not, in the past, relied solely on your spirit, give up your old habits of control and justification of actions, and go now, fully alert, into the world around you as different now, and full of signs, that only your inner spirit is capable of deciphering. In this manner do you allow yourself to go on an adventure that will lead you to greater fulfillment and greater balance.

When I speak of daring yourself to take a journey of the spirit, and when I speak of finding your way into this energy flow that now swirls upon that earth, I speak also of gentle care of the self as you make your attempts known. As you begin to take that first step of change, down a new path, as you begin to find the means of shedding your old garments and begin to see the new garments waiting for you at the door to newness, allow yourself to feel all that you leave behind, and understand that this new journey into this new reality of the self is a process, and that it will take you time to advance, one step at a time. You will learn much as you allow yourself to undress from your old habits and your old ways. You will feel much, too, as you step out of your old shell and take on new lighter garments that fit you perfectly, and keep you buoyant, and able to progress toward new experiences.

This idea of journey is a process of learning about the self first and foremost, and then is it about learning to view the world around you differently, for as you shed your old ways will you find that you inhabit your world differently and your outlook, in the future, will change as well. Look first now closely at the self; take care of the self as you begin your first uncertain steps toward new life. Comfort yourself with the knowledge of the guidance that is available and the inner proof that you are doing the right thing for yourself now, finally.

Accept yourself as traveling companion, and make a promise that you will not rush ahead, or overtire, nor take on too much, but that you will take on this new adventure with alertness and awareness, traveling at a slow pace when necessary, and that you will rest often, take proper sustenance, and care for yourself now, as you once cared for others. To take a journey into the self must one acknowledge the difficulties of the self and resolve conflicts with the self, one by one, as progress is made. For without resolving issues that hold back, will there be little progress and resentment may result.

But, a good traveling companion who is alert and aware will notice when it is time to stop and address the issues that arise and cause discomfort and stagnancy. Be gentle and kind to the self, even as you are to others as you watch them struggle on their own journeys. To be aware that you are on a journey is one thing, but to also be aware that your intention is to grow and evolve, and not just wander aimlessly, is quite another thing. Your intention to focus on the self at this point in your life, the inner self, must mean that you are ready for the type of journey that I speak of.

As I encourage, so do I also expect each of you who resolve to take this evolutionary journey to take personal responsibility for every step you take. There is no blame allowed on such a journey, neither for the self or others. All must be totally responsible for all actions and all consequences of those actions. Keep in mind, as you travel, that all that you encounter on your journey is meaningful and it is up to you to discover what this means in your own life. Look for meaning in every decision you make and your next step will be revealed to you, and as you progress so will you have clarity, and your awareness will increase as you learn how the signs in your life guide you.

Take time for contemplation and meditation on your journey. Take time for quietness with the self. Take time for care and comfort of the self. You are not running a marathon, quite the opposite, you are slowly observing and taking in all that you observe, and all experiences are meaningful, so it is important that you do not miss them. Do not however, regret a missed opportunity should you fail to notice one, but instead hold on to the truth that you will have all that you need, all experiences will be available for you when you are ready for them.

Slow down your inner spirit. Even as you jump now into the great creative energy that seeks to awaken the many who sleep beneath its energy, so must you pull in your own energy so that it serves you well, keeping you whole and contained as you work your inner process. Use the outside energy to take you where you need to go, but do not lose you own containment and become dispersed in it, for then will you have disregarded the inner self and gone too far off balance and into the world of the outer self, too eager for adventure of another sort.

If this happens, fight hard to pull yourself back to your knowing inner self. Ask for help and guidance and you will receive it. If you ask for help, must you then be alert to the signs around you as the help comes to you. Know that it is available, but you are required to recognize it when it arrives. This will pull you back into your own energy again, where it is important to tend to your needs in the ways I speak of, with gentleness and kindness, and inner quiet and contemplation.

No matter which path you now choose to take do I offer you this guidance, for no matter what approaches you in life are you on a journey that is necessary and the techniques I express are helpful as you meet your challenges, even if they are the same ones over and over again, and even if you feel that you are not progressing, so will you discover that eventually are you self-contained again, self-sufficient, and self-empowered by your own renewable energy.

Find your equilibrium daily, your calm center, and your healing energy. Begin each day from this place of balance and you will do well. I’ll see you down the road in a little while, my fine traveling companions. You are doing well. Let’s see what happens next!