#22 Nudging Intent

Dear Jeanne,
Your message of yesterday has elicited several reactions from readers. I had also felt that it was rather harsh and felt it necessary to get some clarification from you today, but also assurance that you do not mean to be imperious, but are only challenging us. Can you respond to those of us who need more from you regarding yesterday’s message?

[I hear laughter.]

So, I shook you up and that is good, for this is an awakening process that I seek to guide you through. My role is to urge you into shape, much as a potter urges the clay into the shape of a pot or bowl. I nudge you here, and I nudge you there, and I spin you into a form so that you may hold within you all that is necessary for your journey.

I do not mean to be imperious or harsh, but I do indeed seek to push you along. I offer knowledge, and at times, I know, that what I offer may come in a manner that is abrupt, but only when necessary. I continue to stress that in this time upon that earth is there great potential for growth in all manner of speaking, politically, environmentally, creatively, and spiritually. From a humanistic point of view has this not happened in a very long time. The energy that now surrounds you, both personally and universally, has been building for a long time, and its culmination is now upon you. Yes, I challenge you to notice it. I challenge you to accept it into your own life, and I also challenge you to acknowledge that you are affected by it, no matter what you now choose to do with the changes in your own life.

All who now reside upon that earth are being offered change, in one fashion or another. All are being challenged, that is the nature of this energy I speak of. For the first time in your lifetime are you being given clarity. Are you not being exposed to truths like never before? Are you not being granted clarity in your own life, right now? Do you not notice that the usual foggy view of your life has lifted and you are being given quite a vantage point from which to view your life now?

There is clarity in this energy I speak of and that is the beauty of it. That is the challenge I speak of when I urge you to consider deeply your next step in life. You are being given all the knowledge you need, without veils, true insight and knowing, everything laid out for you to see. You are being offered the chance to choose your next step, and a new future, with the total knowing of what that future holds. You are also being presented with equally clear vision of the path you now are familiar with and where that will lead you.

The familiar feels comfortable. The unfamiliar feels uncomfortable, but that is only momentary, until you shift out of the now and enter the door that is opening in front of you. Once you step through, transition through that usually veiled aspect of reality, will you once again feel comfortable in your physical body. For your physical body, as well as your intuition work to guide you in your progress.

You know that I seek to guide you into new life, into a life of greater inner knowing and inner exploration. I seek to do this with gentleness and kindness, yet do I also seek to awaken you, to alert you to that which is around you and pertinent to your knowing and your ability to understand your place on your journey. If I seem abrupt or too harsh in my wakeup call, I apologize, but as humans you are sometimes a little too sleepy for my purposes and it is difficult to permeate the dense layer of fog that surrounds you.

I do not like to see you slumber so heavily when there is such excitement around you. I want you to evolve and discover life as it is truly meant to be discovered. I urge only upon you that which you can handle, for when I speak of moderation I speak of self care, and self diagnosis, of how much is good for you, and knowing how much you are ready to take on. So, if I urge you, and you find my urging disturbing, so must you take within my meaning and see how it fits into you own life, and decide what you are ready to do with the knowledge I offer.

Absolutely, must you act only as you see fit and as you are ready for. I do not advocate radical change in your life, unless you are ready for it. I do not advocate abruptness of character or lifestyle, either. But, I do request that you contemplate the possibility of change and what it means in your life. If you are a parent, a guide, a healer, or if you, in any way, affect the lives of others, I request that you do so with gentleness and kindness as you take note of the decisions that others now must make in their lives. For all stand on the cusp of change and all must make a decision that will affect their immediate futures.

This is what I seek to alert you to. Do you feel my intent nudging you into the shape of a fine pot or bowl? Do you feel yourself opening up to the possibility of new life as your inner spirit acknowledges the possibilities that are being presented to you? Allow yourself to take part in this shaping process that I present you with, be proactive in your formation of the future you. Be a partner in this guidance. I offer my hand and my energy as you make the journey with me. Do not be afraid. There is no danger here. You are only exploring yourself, and in so doing are you discovering who you truly are. That is good.