#21 Fork in the Road

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for humanity today?

Embark now on a journey of the self, of individuality, and intent on seeking wholeness. Do not confuse your own journey with that of others, but separate yourself now upon your own path. As you find yourself firmly planted upon this path, disengage your attentions and your distractions from the goals of others, and renew your own sense of direction and intent. Center yourself now, in your new centering method that I have taught, and begin each day newly alert and aware, that each day do you step out on your journey with fresh intent and renewed purpose.

Center on the motivation of your inner spirit and you will make the step that is right for you. Allow your inner energy to guide you. Allow the flow of your life to also guide you, as you abandon old habits and take up the energy that is around you now, to be your motivator. Refuse your old ways. Depart from your old means of living and allow only new air to seep into your life. Energy abounds now for forward movement. This is clear, as all that lies before you is now being clearly revealed. Do you choose to see it? Do you choose to open your eyes now and see what is clearly revealed, so that you may choose with all laid out before you?

Do you not see that your choice now, with this energy of clarity upon the earth, is to choose with clear insight, and known advantages and disadvantages firmly established, and yet, is there also magic ahead of you as you choose your next step. Keep this always in mind. For, even as you are shown the signposts far into the distance, as you stand at this fork in the road, as you clearly see each bump, and each turn in the road on either path, so do you not yet see all else that lies waiting for your approach. How do you choose to proceed?

Do you choose the old way? For that is the one option that is now before you. Or, do you choose the new habit free way? That is the other option. Both paths have much life to offer, but one path leads to not much new, while the other leads to newness at every step. Small steps or large steps, it does not matter, each step will either be the same as you now inhabit your life, or they will be totally new and life giving.

Whether you choose to remain habit bound or to begin a new, and wondrous, and daring journey is not really the question. For, if you choose the less daring path, will you continue to have as many challenges as if you choose the new daring path. But, the choice becomes one of immediacy, and fulfillment of a challenge that is now being presented to you, for your growth and your evolution.

This opportunity does not come along very often. This energy, that now sweeps upon the earth and invites radical change, does not attend many life times, but it does attend this one that you now inhabit. This time of abrupt growth is unusual, and to be able to partake, at this time in your evolution, is to be offered a great opportunity, to not only understand the energy of intent, but also to understand what it means to dare the self to accept challenge as it is presented.

You will learn greatly no matter which challenge you accept, for when you stand at such a fork in the path as now, so do you have the opportunity for challenge, no matter the path you elect to walk upon. But, you also stand now upon the rim, the cusp of energy that seeks to invite you to join it in its vigorous flow.

Seek your calm center and listen for your inner knowing to guide you properly in your choice. Debate not with your attachments, for they will seek to distract you from hearing your inner voice clearly. Seek, as I said, your individuality now, as you contemplate your life thus far, and determine whether or not you will choose change, or the continuation of life, as you know it.

Know also, that all around you are being given this same challenge, this opportunity for advancement in spirit, and in conscious awareness. All are being invited into clarity, and realness of purpose, and knowing of life’s meaning. For, that is what this energy that now sweeps upon that earth offers all.

You are not alone in your challenge to choose. All are now sitting upon the cusp of change. Do you dare to take up the challenge of drastic new life? Do you accept the guidance that awaits you? Do you dare to embark now on your own journey of individual growth of spirit and consciousness? I await your decision.

Why are you pushing so hard? Is the time of decision making imminent? Isn’t there time to contemplate?

I push, because though there remains time to contemplate, so is there not a lot of time. If you are going to embark on this journey powered by the incredible energy that now invigorates all to challenge themselves, so must you be prepared to jump into it at a moment’s notice. Be prepared to know when the time is right; by the signs around you, by the messages in your life, by all that is pointing you in the right direction, will you know. Contemplate now, deeply, over the next few days what is right for you, for your growth and evolution, and make your choice based on that. Once you have determined what is right for your spirit growth, will your next challenge be to take the step that leads you into the energy that will propel you forth and onward into new growth and new adventure. I encourage you all to take this time extremely seriously, to contemplate deeply, and to go with what you know is right.

I encourage you to ask for guidance as you proceed, and I also encourage you to seek the knowing of your own spirit to guide you properly. For ultimately, this, your own spirit, will be the guide you will learn to rely on and trust above all, as you venture forth and understand what true knowing is, and what it means in your life.

I guarantee nothing, except that the energy, if you elect to engage it, will have great power in your life, and it will move you quickly. Even if you are not totally ready, yet you elect to go for it, understand that you will be pushed forward anyway. At first this may frighten you, but as you begin to understand how this energy works, so will you find that it suits you well.

Good luck in your inner work, as you select your new life. Good luck, as you contemplate your place in life now, with awareness and unavoidance of the difficulties that appear now in your life, for to choose wisely must you acknowledge all that seeks to distract you from clarity and truth.

Find you awareness, and utilize it to your advantage. I will continue to offer guidance as you contemplate this big step in your life. I am with you, my dear traveling companions, even if you may feel alone and unable to choose, so must you know that good energy awaits, and you are well-protected, and well-guided, by all of us who attempt contact with those of you who dare to seek life beyond the veils.