#20 The Great Feast of Life

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have any messages for today?

Be absolutely certain that the guidance I offer you will lead you to emptiness and calm, and that this place of unity of being is highly desirable. I urge upon all of you the challenge of this attempt to awaken, not only the spirit within you, but also the daring that lies waiting to be unleashed. For how will you travel far in that life if you do not dare yourself to change? Change is what I speak of, what I propose, and what I urge upon all mankind, for without change will there be little progress upon that earth, and little evolution will result.

In order to progress in your own life must you be aware of all I speak of as meaningful and totally fulfilling for that life you now live. Have I not proposed already many things that have had significant impact upon you? Have I not encouraged, continually, participation for your own sake and your own growth? Have I not dared you to accept my challenges to change your life, in order to grow and evolve, and in so doing discover, not only the secrets of the self, but also the secrets of the universe?

As I have encouraged and offered many means of learning to accept the self, so have I also taught you new meaning for life, and your own life, specifically. As I have invited you to take a new journey so have I also offered you many techniques and insights that are useful in order to begin to see and experience that world differently.

As you begin to accept your place in that world with new vision and new meaning, as you discover who you now are, and who you may become, so will you also learn new ways to love, both yourself and others. This new adventure you embark upon requires that you learn a new meaning of self-love and universal love. In order to truly envision and live a new kind of life must you begin to understand love as all encompassing, and all compassionate, and all enveloping.

Observe your tendencies toward the self as you now are. Are you learning to view yourself differently now, as a result of my urging to accept the self as whole and total, and supremely capable of living the life you now have before you? See your life as a grand feast about to begin. You have your meal ticket, and everything laid before you is available for your tasting pleasure. How do you choose to go about accepting the life’s feast that is waiting for you to enjoy? Do you over consume, or do you choose moderation and a step-by-step discovery of all that life offers? Do you not yet understand that you have plenty of time, and plenty of opportunity, to enjoy, and that you will always have enough to go on, and you will not miss any essential experience?

There is no need to over indulge; for, all that you truly need will be available for your consumption. Of course, I do not speak only of eating, for I speak metaphorically, as always, and in so speaking of life as a feast, do I offer you insight into all that life offers, as laid out before you, in all of its grandeur. For life is a feast, and you have all been invited to partake in it, and all of you are properly dressed, and perfectly situated to begin your enjoyment of it. Step into the banquet hall with me now, and begin to explore how you react to all you see before you, and observe how you decide to undertake this next phase on your life.

Do you trust yourself? Do you trust my guidance? Are you learning to love and value yourself now in a different manner? Turn this new outlook, on the self, outward now as you venture into a new life. As you accept the new you, so will others around you also begin to accept you differently. As you find your own compassion and love for yourself on your journey, as you find your abilities perfectly acceptable, and more than adequate, as you discover who you truly are, and enjoy this new you more fully, so will this affect others in your world, too.

Acceptance of the self as whole, beautiful, deeply involved in meaningful life experiences will enable you to experience others, and the world around you, differently. In this new outlook on the self will the world begin to respond to you differently, too. Offer yourself the knowledge that the great feast of life is available, and all you have to do, now, is look upon yourself in all of your finery, with love and understanding, with new knowledge of how to enjoy yourself at such a feast as this, and allow yourself to go forward with all of this new ability, and new knowledge, firmly planted in your being.

Trust yourself. Allow yourself to have this new experience. You will not fail now, because you have learned that all experience is valuable, and all experience is necessary, and each step and action you take is correct, and waiting to be experienced and learned from.

Remember that you are on a journey and you have been well prepared for it. You have everything that you need in order to take that journey. Your work with me is just alerting you to these facts, and also allowing you access to all that lies hidden inside you, waiting to be discovered. All of those hidden treasures inside you are waiting to be utilized on that journey and, as you travel, you will learn more and more, both about yourself, and about the world around you.

Find your place in line now, and love yourself in your finery, not with absurd self-aggrandizement, but with compassion for how far you have come already, and how faithful you have remained to the truth of the self on that journey thus far. Be fine with yourself, though your legs may be shaking, and your heart thumping as you enter this great banquet hall of life, afraid that you may do something wrong or make a fool of yourself if you don’t follow the rules. Well, I grant you the knowledge that there are no rules. You don’t need rules, because you have learned what it takes in order to live life correctly and to be on a journey of progress with your inner spirit as guide. Your inner spirit will not make mistakes; it will only take you where you need to go.

So, for today, I ask you to be gentle and caring of the new self you are learning about. This new self I ask that you learn to love, and appreciate, this new you who wishes only to live and learn, and continue to take this journey you find yourself now upon. This is enough for today. Find your center, and stay in your calm as you contemplate the next move in your life. Trust your instincts, trust your knowing, and trust your love you now are learning to feel and experience for yourself. Allow these things, your center, your calm, and your love to guide you, and you will do well.