#19 Acceptance of the Self

Dear Jeanne,
The other day you talked about moderation. What would you like to talk about today?

Acceptance of the self. It is important; if you are going to take the right journey in that life upon that earth, to clearly see the self, the truth of the self, and to accept this as your wholeness, your beginning, and your individual entirety. Acceptance of the self, in all of its complexities, and all of its seemingly discordant and dysfunctional aspects, is necessary in order to progress beyond your preconceived place in life that now holds you fast.

Look clearly at the self. Understand yourself as a whole being equipped with everything you need for that journey upon that earth. Dismiss ideas of failure, or disharmony, or of disturbance. Dismiss all notions that lead you to judgments and disputes with the self. Disarm yourself now of all issues that block you from your true journey in that life. The true journey of every individual upon that earth is to learn to know the truth of the self, to clearly establish this journey, now, in true knowing of every detail, and clear understanding of every aspect, as being not only necessary, but desirable.

Accept the self as you now exist. Do not attach hopes, or fears, or add upon the self any desires, other than the desire to truly know and understand this self you now are. Empty the self of all preconceived ideas and all judgments laid upon you by others, or by society, or by the vagaries of the world, including the religions, the beliefs, the systems of justice, and the systems of commercialism that now rule that earth. Take off your very being all the rules and regulations that have held you captive all these many years. Strip bare your very body, and your very soul, of all that has been laid heavily upon you since your birth into that life.

Once you are stripped bare, and born naked and unencumbered by any outside ideas, or ideals, or conventions, begin to feel what this means. This means that you are perfect as you are. This means you are who you are supposed to be. You are you, and that, my dears, is the way you should begin to perceive yourselves.

Establish your inner and your outer innocence in this new you. See yourself as whole, as perfectly formed and well equipped for your own journey. Separate yourself now from the journeys of all others, and allow yourself the luxury of taking this trip for you, and for you alone. This is your gift to yourself. You are totally acceptable as a human being, and as your own traveling companion. Know that this is the life for you! Embrace this life, embrace this physical you, this body you now have, and further embrace all the experiences that you hold within you thus far. All of these things comprise the greater you, along with the inner you. In this wholeness must you now begin to accept your life, and your very being, in a different manner in order to progress.

I urge you to begin from this new place of empty self-awareness, to learn what it means now to love yourself, and to appreciate yourself, for the journey you have taken. Pat yourself on the back for all the attempts you have made thus far, for all the adventures you have dared experience in your quest for wholeness of body and spirit. Appreciate and love who you have become, for this is necessary in order to continue your journey into completeness.

Acceptance of the self wholly, in this time of now, is a vital step along your path. For if you fight yourself constantly, will you simply remain stuck, and your journey will remain bogged down as you fight yourself and lose your awareness of all that approaches you for your benefit. Do you not see that as you fight and tumble about, wrestling with all the judgments and hates that envelop you, that you are missing all the other things tapping you on your shoulder and seeking your attention? As you continue your wrestling match, the dust you kick up from your desert path blocks your vision and keeps you unaware.

Stand up straight now, stop the fighting, look around you, and notice where you are. Who have you become? Where are you standing? What road are you on? Who is around you? Do you recognize any of it? Is this where you thought you were? Or do you find yourself in a totally different place from where you thought you were? Is it familiar? Is it strange and feeling unfamiliar? Does it feel right, or does it feel totally wrong?

Look at your physical self, too, as you stand there with your head clearing and your dust settling around you. You are you. This is you who stands there. This is the wholeness of you. This is the person I urge you to accept. This is the person you now are, and this is the traveling companion who has been with you all along, as you have traveled that life.

Thank yourself for getting you to this place in your life. Dust off the dirt and straighten your clothes, comb your hair, and pat yourself down into neatness, and firm conviction of the rightness of you, and the truth of your presence in that life, and your spirit’s journey as well. Shake off the old ways, now. Stop the fighting. Allow the old disputes to fall at your feet with the dirt you brush off. Clean your hands of your old ways, and open your eyes, now, to the possibility of not only a new life, but also a new you.

Accept the possibility of a new traveling companion now, the new you, full of love and compassion, and admiration for all that you have done and lived so far in that life. Now you have the opportunity to do things differently, and this is the greatest gift you can give yourself today, the gift of change. I have spoken of this before, of allowing yourself to change in some small way. Well, now you have gained some experience of how I give guidance, and what it can mean in your own life. Now you have learned something that has been meaningful, and perhaps helped you as you have read my messages. Now do you better understand my methods of learning to navigate life.

Life is a journey, and you are the being taking that journey. A journey is full of adventure, full of experiences that you will learn from, grow from, and mature from. But, none of those things will be available to you if you do not allow yourself to take even one small step. If you remain fighting in the dust, will you have great difficulty in experiencing anything, other than the pain, and the gritty life of that constant battle. But, if you get up off the ground and dust yourself off, as I suggest, then do you have the opportunity to step away from that hole you have worn in your path, and stand on flatter ground again, and open yourself to new life and all that awaits.

Give yourself this opportunity to advance on your journey. Give yourself the gift of new life, simply by acknowledging yourself as a superb traveling companion, ready to go on more adventures. Further your life now in a new manner, accepting not only all that you have become, but also all that you have learned, as meaningful and necessary for your future progress.

Acceptance of the self now is your challenge for today, and for all future days. For without this, will you not have the complete companion with you, but only a shell of yourself. Take now with you the truth of yourself. Accept this truth as your hard-earned right and your fully acceptable companion who has, so far, served you well. Know that the next step will bring you to the right place, and all steps after that, too. For, in your wholeness, will you see more clearly. And, this is good.