#16 Inner Healing

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have any messages for us today?

Stay now in a healing place. Push aside the illusions of that world and focus on the inner self. Remain steady in your center, and allow your own healing energy to permeate your being. Stay focused on inner healing, and you will find that the vicissitudes of life will pass by with little or no attachment, and your healing ability will have time to incubate and grow inside of you.

Allow outside influences and the intents of others upon your energy to remain distant from you, so that your focus can remain steady on the issue of healing. Even as you must remain in that world, so are there times when you must draw your energy inward, take it off the outside world for a time, and allow it to be reinvigorated, and nurtured, in your inner being. Such is the time now upon that earth for all men; to place your intent on inner growth, and avoid too much energy drain from outside of you, is now important. For the energy that now swirls upon that earth desires the energy of individuals in order to feed its greedy self. The energy abounds now in gluttonous need, and this does not bode well for the future, either the immediate future or the distant future upon that earth. The over-consumption of everything has far-reaching consequences and the stemming of this habit must begin in earnest.

Remaining focused on personal energy and personal healing at this time offers a firm counterpoint to the hungry energy that seeks to distract and copulate with the energetic desires of man who is unaware. In this merging will there result but more of this gluttonous energy, and that bodes not well. Is there not sign of this all around you? Is not over-consumption, in all its aspects, now the norm? Is there not greed and hoarding of the natural resources way beyond necessity? Is there not anger and dispute, as human beings seek to protect and wall off what they believe is their own?

Entitlement issues abound now upon that earth, but in reality is there very little that man needs, except to nurture his own energy source, his own energy wells, and his own source of light and warmth.

Energetically is the earth now facing dire consequences, both physically, as well as the unseen energy that all of you feel and react to on a daily basis. The energetic waves that result in actions, and decisions taken and made by mankind, are a result of this energy that I now warn against. Be cognizant of it, for it is very powerful as it sweeps in and captures many, keeping them bound, energetically, to its own hunger, and its own greed. As you become aware of this energy, as you notice how it wreaks havoc, destroys, and embodies the attention of the masses who become infected with its ferocity, notice how you begin to view it, if you maintain awareness of my point of view. That is, that you are totally separate from that energy that challenges and seeks your own energy. Do not fall prey to it, but instead draw in, as I suggest, your own energy to a place of calm and nurture, where you can utilize it, and allow it to warm your inner self, and in this way will it also enable your awareness to grow. As your awareness grows, so will your ability to navigate your world, as you begin to discover how little you actually need in order to live a fulfilling life upon that earth.

I encourage all to begin the process of inner growth, and inner nurturing of the self, and discovering the healing energy of the self. As you work in this manner, will you begin to understand the process of detachment that I speak of. You will learn to become balanced in your inner world and your outer world. You will learn to detach from that which seeks to grab your attention and take your energy in your outer world, and you will also begin a process of detachment from that which seeks to do the same in your inner world. For detachment from that which seeks to steal your energy is, by far, one of the greatest challenges you will encounter on your journey of growth and evolution. As you work through your issues of abandonment, rejection, and isolation of the spirit that I spoke of recently are you learning this process of detachment. As you work through your past, that holds you bound to old ideas of the self, both the outer self and, most significantly, the inner self, so do you begin to free up your energy so that it becomes available for your own healing and your own process of learning awareness and trust.

My instructions, to turn your energy inward to self-healing, are not meant to draw you too far from your real world, for yes, you must also live in that real world, you must maintain your state of responsible adult, at all times, and you must remain also available to the realities of that world that come at you daily and require your prompt attention. I do not mean for you to withdraw from life, though I know this is equally as strong as the pull to fully engage in the pulls of that life. You must remain alert and aware, at all times, to the life you live, and the world around you, or you will not understand the energy of that world that I speak of.

As you gain more knowledge of your own true energy though, so will you more clearly understand this outside earthly energy that I speak of. As you nurture your own energy, and discover your own truth, so will you begin to fathom what I truly mean by outside energy and outside influences. So, for now, make your forays into your inner self, learning adventures, that will begin to create a balance with your outer life. Pull in some of your energy that goes so readily to your outer life, and begin to nurture it in your inner life. Eventually, will you arrive at a more even place of balance between the two, and when you have achieved this new balance will your inner issues arise more clearly before you. In this new clarity will you also be ready now, with this new balance more firmly in place and natural, to tackle these issues that hold you from total fulfillment of your potentials and the possibilities that await you in that life.

I offer this guidance today in a time of intense energy pull from outside. I offer the knowledge that there will be hunger for your own energy, from this strong outside pull. I urge you to keep yourself aware of this. Look for the signs of this in your own life over the next few days, and as you learn what this means in your own life, so will you begin to train your awareness, and you will become more easily cognizant of how this energy seeks to invade your life, and steal your unprotected energy.

Go inward to create the balance that I speak of. Find a new place of calm and create a method that works for you in your busy life, so that you can readily go there and avail yourself of this calm place, even at a moment’s notice, so that you can regain your balance quickly. Return to this place of calm often throughout your day. Do this often and you will be good to yourself and learning well the lessons I teach. Go into your life with the knowing that you have within all the stability you need in order to maintain this new awareness of energy, both inside yourself, and outside yourself. You will do well. Keep your balance at all times.