#15 Intent

Dear Jeanne,
Your messages continue to affect and help many people. What would you like to talk about today?

Intentions. I would like to discuss the possibilities attached to your personal efforts regarding intent. This ties in, not only with my earlier message regarding the use of your own energy, but also all other issues I speak of, especially, most recently, the messages of abandonment, and rejection, and isolation from the self.

With pure intent of purpose regarding the journey of the self, to pursue the mysteries of the self with an open heart, is to allow the self to experience the possibility of tapping into, and enhancing, your own energy. Determine your intent regarding the investigation of your own journey so far, decide that it is necessary for your growth and you have begun to understand what I mean when I speak of intentions.

I use this word intent with the idea that it become a natural and gentle aspect of your day, that you daily set an intent, not with self-hatred, or self-denial, or self-doubt, but with self-love, and self-gratitude, and high regard for your own journey. For is not your own journey worthy of such tenderness, and such praise? Is not your own journey your only life that you now have, and does that not deserve your full attention and your full understanding?

Begin each day with a small intent. This is different from those small steps of change I have requested you begin to take in your life. Change in your physical outer world is one thing that will bring you closer to your inner world. But, intent, used properly, will begin to open you to the energy, and the possibilities, that exist in your inner world. Intent is firmly rooted in your spirit energy.

You already utilize it often, I’m sure, but to use it with awareness is to begin to see how the magic in your life can be utilized and tempered, so that it becomes a fine tool. Okay, so what do I mean by beginning your day with an intent? Intend, for instance, healing energy in yourself. Begin with a calming, centering meditation, placing yourself firmly in your center, and finding your energy there. Gather this energy into your center, holding it there, cupped in your hands, safe, warm, and vibrant, yet calm. Allow it to slowly spiral up and out in all directions from your opening hands, and as you allow it to venture out into your being, your physical body, intend that it be healing energy for you, and you alone. Stay relaxed as you intend this healing energy for yourself. As it swirls gently throughout your body, feel it as light, and as warmth, opening your inner self to all aspects of your physical body. Offer yourself this healing.

With this gentle and purifying energy, have you intended healing for yourself, loving and compassionate. Trust that you have within you the ability to utilize your energy in this manner. You are capable of releasing your own physical body from the disturbances that seek to block you from your own healthy energy.

Find now your place in your abandonment issues that I spoke of earlier. These issues require their own work, involving, not only the memory, but the physical body, the emotions, and the feelings of all of these aspects of the self, but all of these can be greatly aided by the addition of your own pure intent and energy of healing. In order to evolve, is it necessary to allow the self access to all that disturbs and keeps you bound in fear, all that keeps you hidden from yourself, and in so doing keeps you hidden from your own potential and possibilities in life. To simply change, without doing the vital work that is necessary, will result in no more than simply buying a new outfit. Your clothes may look different, and make you feel different, momentarily, but underneath are you still the same old you.

I offer all the possibility to change, to grow, to discover, and to evolve continually, every day of your life upon that earth. I realize I challenge you all with my messages, that I present many new ideas and introduce many strange possibilities. I know I expect that you are ready to engage these challenges, because you are reading these messages. I dare you constantly to confront the self, the outer self, in order to more fully discover the inner self, where all possibility lies.

So, my own intention today is to invite you all in to discover a little bit more about those possibilities that lie waiting inside that inner self. I offer this guidance as balance for the intensity of the work you are challenged to do on the outer self. To remain in, to seek balance in your inner world is as important a task as it is to discover the truth of the self, both the outer, and the inner self.

With pure intentions do I offer guidance, and with pure intentions should you also go forward into your work, both the work of the self, and the work of living your daily life. Know that all is possible, that life is full of mysteries, both of the past and the future, and depending on how one views and understands the past, is there possibility to discover the future differently, and to live a new life, fully enjoying the mysteries.

I encourage you all to embark on your own journey, with gentleness of spirit, with kindness for the self, with caring and admiration for that spirit which pushes you to take this journey, and desires you to slow down and discover the true meaning of your life and what you are fully capable of. Let your intent to heal be your guide today. Follow the energy of it within your body. Connect to it fully, and then, see how this calm healing energy that resides inside you, and you alone, affects you, in your wholeness, throughout your day.

Use your own energy to love yourself first, and in this manner will you begin to understand the difficulties that all have in their journeys upon that earth. But also, will you begin to understand the process of exploring your own energy source more fully in order to, eventually, over time, and with good practice, discover how you can utilize this inner energy source to benefit others and, eventually, have affect upon the entire world. Your own energy is the key, not only to your own life, and your own journey, but to all lives, and all journeys. The interconnectedness I spoke of is the linking of all energy, and when this reconnects in a vital way will there be change upon that planet.

As you begin to understand the power of your own energy source, and begin to practice intent of healing in your own life, so will you begin to understand what a source you truly have inside you. The combination of that powerful energy, and your own intent to use it properly and well, will have impact, both in your own life, and then in the lives of others, first those around you, and then others around them, and so on, and so on, even as the messages have impact, for the energy they carry comes with pure and loving intent that all of you may grow and discover the true source of your own power.

Stay focused on your spirit energy, now, even as the energy around you seeks to pull you from your path. Remind yourself of your truth, and pull yourself constantly back to your calm center, and feel that warmth of your own loving energy waiting for you. This is your center, this is your truth, and here resides waiting all the possibilities in the world.