#14 Tackle Your Issues

Dear Jeanne,
Your messages have been helping so many people. Yesterday you addressed the issues of abandonment and rejection, among other things. Do you care to expand on those subjects or speak about anything else today?

Clarity is not necessary at this point. In learning the process of letting go will clarity be gained in each individual circumstance. My messages are meant to be universal in content and, when applied correctly, also become intensely personal. I do not mean to do the work that must be done by each and every one of you. To gain clarity is part of the growth that I entice you all to undertake. As you grow to understand yourself, your inner self, and your outer self, so will you begin to gain more clarity on how your own dilemmas have caused and created the you who now exists. In the process of letting go, that I spoke of yesterday, do you have the opportunity to slowly tackle your issues, one at a time, going deeper and deeper until you arrive at the bottom, so to speak, of your core, and discover the process that will lead you to uproot the core issue that may block you, not only from truly living in that life, but may also inhibit your future growth.

I do not advocate jumping in and tackling your greatest issue until you have tackled some smaller ones. Understanding the processes I suggest may help you resolve these lesser issues and learn how the process works best in your own circumstances. Proceed from there to assign yourself to your deeper issues. If abandonment and rejection lie at your root then you will have to boldly, yet systematically, one small step at a time, investigate these issues in your own life.

As I spoke yesterday, in my own case, I kept myself quite reserved as regards my own issue of abandonment at birth, when I was adopted. It became my journey to live a life totally unknowing of who I really was, but underneath resonated another issue of why, of what did it mean to me, and why was this journey placed upon me from the very start? I spent my life, not only wondering, but also working through these issues and always finding more questions, constantly taking me deeper, to the very core issue of rejection. But I stayed always in command; my total control issue was bigger than my rejection issue throughout my life. As I dealt with it in my final days, I knew I had to finally let go in the biggest way possible, to finally release my self, and in so doing, my spirit, from the burdens of that core issue. In so doing, did I solve the difficulties, both that plagued me in life, and that held me back, at death. In granting myself release, did I catapult into new life, a new life without the burden of that rejection issue, and perhaps now I am in the position I am in because I allowed this process to unfold in its natural way.

I do know now that a life of unknowing was what I needed, and wanted, in order to evolve. There is no dispute there. But I had to complete issues around it in the time after I left that world. I completed my unfinished business, and was afforded the opportunity to progress, as a result.

Had I tackled my issues while still alive, in a different manner, as I suggest all do, I would have gotten to the same place I am now. This was due to the fact that as I gained clarity, right up to the point of my death from that life, did I act upon it. I did not hesitate to act on the knowledge I gained, but proceeded to work with it to solve the remainder of my soul journey.

I realize, that all of this may be presenting too many ideas too quickly. But, stay with me a bit longer, for in the end will you understand that you alone are your guide, and your teacher, and your own mentor. Life is meant to be figured out, to be discovered, and to be explored. It is too easy to live a life of receiving, and accepting, and living off the fat of the land, and the handouts of others. This is not true living, but simply taking the easy way out. It will end in repeated efforts, in future lives, to live a life of contemplation and discovery.

To discover the true meaning of the self, and the reason for just that self to be on that earth at this very time, is truly to understand your journey. To tackle your deepest issues, with the known fact that everything that has occurred in your life is meaningful, and part of your growing, your training in evolution, is to understand your own life differently. But, all of this requires your total participation, and it requires mature decision-making, and mature reactions to the consequences and the problems that arise. As you grow, as you become more aware of life as a journey, does all this begin to make sense and to become clearer. With clarity, are your decisions easier to make, and your work laid out before you becomes not as fears, but as challenges, and challenges are what will test you and prove to you that you are, not only an evolving being, but also fully capable of taking this journey with yourself.

So, my messages may occasionally be dense, but if you allow yourself to follow their guidance will you soon discover, that with mature and poised progress, will you find your way. And also, will you find your central place of knowing, and in the end, my messages will no longer be confusing or dense, but will instead resonate with the knowing already inside you, just waiting for you to acknowledge it.

You all have within you the capacity to discover this knowledge. You have within you the ability to grow and to evolve. All I offer are the tools to begin the process. Believe me, you are fully capable and fully aware of what I speak of.