#13 Abandonment

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have any messages we can pass on to humanity today? When I woke up in the night you said you would speak on abandonment today, that it was relevant to everyone. How is it relevant and what do we do about it?

Abandonment is absence of hope and loss of trust, and refers also to these aspects within the self, as well as outside of the self. To abandon even the self leaves the spirit in nether land, lost and unattainable, removed from easy reach. In such a state is man liable to become too immersed in that world, greedy for fulfillment of other sorts, when true fulfillment lies not outside the self, but inside the self. This is a hard lesson to learn and a hard lesson to truly integrate into life. But, it is also the key to evolutionary growth.

To remain in a state of abandonment, deeply rooted feelings of rejection, of inadequacy, and of distance from the true inner self inhibits the spirit connection that is vital for the evolutionary spirit. In my own lifetime upon that earth, as Jeanne Marie Ketchel, did I suffer greatly from this phenomenon. But my own spirit, although deeply affected, did not hinder in its striving for growth, though the underlying issue remained as a cancer, festering for many years, as I sought total connection with my spirit and my spirit potential.

To remain bound by abandonment issues is to remain in struggle. Issues of rejection arise most often, and commonly the human need for affection and for understanding outweigh the other needs. To stay bound in this category for very long requires great work to overcome once spirit growth is desired. To stay stuck, believing that one deserves something different, or something better, is to remain bound by earthly desires for fulfillment from without. To stay bound in this manner is to dismiss the true nature of life as a journey and a learning experience every day of that life.

For how can there be true growth if one remains caught in old ways? I pushed myself in many ways to overcome this core issue in myself, but was only able to resolve it in the dying process. This was my strength, my human strength that fought my spirit strength right to the very end. There is no regret in this action, for I needed it in order to evolve. But there are other methods to practice in order to evolve into new spirit life now on earth.

If the spirit lies abandoned, rejected, and isolated is this not a sorry state to leave your true self in? Does your human self feel such abandonment, rejection, and isolation? Do you not see the reciprocal issue in your spirit self and feel responsible for pulling that spirit self up out of its state of abandon? Turn your feelings inward now, not outward looking for solace from the world you have created around you, but inward where your own true potential lies.

Had I not struggled so hard, seeking the depths of my own spirit, I dare say, I would not, at this time, live in the state I now reside in, but would, in fact, be back among you in familiar form. I can attest to the desire of the inner spirit to grow above all else during that life, and that opportunity to begin a new life of evolutionary potential.

To change, to evolve out of that life into new life with abundance of energy far reaching anything I ever experienced on earth is far more exciting than the thought of returning to yet another life upon that earth. Freedom from the human body is one of the most exhilarating experiences, and to remain finally free, and yet still alive and still learning and growing, is amazing. I live in abundant joy, yet I work hard to learn what I must in order to complete this mission I have assigned myself, and my group has assigned themselves to as well. We have all chosen this path in our new lives, freely and lovingly accepted our new challenges.

So, I speak of abandonment today in order to alert the many who struggle with the many aspects of this disturbance in life. It does not have to be so overpowering a feeling, nor does it have to envelop both the outer life and the inner life so greatly. There is a process I have spoken of before called, letting go, and this process, as you enact it in your daily life, will enable you to lose, not only your sense of abandonment, but also the attachments that hold you bound. The process of letting go is manifold, in its capacity to both detach from the trappings of life and to attach to your own spirit potential. As you practice letting go in your own life, so will you discover that you desire reattachment to something much more meaningful. And this is when you will be challenged to understand that all that you need lies deep inside you, though you must go through the process of letting go in order to discover this.

Begin the process in your own life immediately. Everyone has something they can let go of. Some idea of the self, perhaps? Some strict attachment to an object or thing? A strong attachment to an institution or convention that keeps you stuck? Do you desire something that your spirit needs, yet are afraid?

Challenge your outer self to slowly abandon the outer attachments that you do not really need for that new life you seek. Is it resentment that you hold dear? Is it anger? Is it sadness? Is it a false idea of the self, as bad, or weak, or incapable? All of these attributes and all of these attitudes must be abandoned. Your process of learning to let go of attachments in life that hinder your spirit growth will begin the process of saving yourself from the issues of abandonment, rejection, and distance, that I speak of.

To reconnect with your spirit requires the ability to detach, to disconnect from the world as you now live it and know it. It requires that you not only see the world differently, but that you also experience it differently as well. This can only be accomplished by letting go of all that you have been taught about yourself, about reality, and about the world around you. Begin to reinvent your world, your reality from the inside now, and you will have access to what I speak of when I say that you have within you the potential to evolve now while living that life, and the possibility for new life continually, as you evolve out of that world.

I challenge you all to give your inner spirit a small token of your promise to reunite with it, one small step in the direction of reclaiming your true love for your own abandoned spirit, and see where this tiny beginning takes you. Open your eyes to your own world. What does it offer you to help you on your journey? For even as you begin to detach from your old world, so will you begin to notice, as your awareness grows, that you are constantly being given signs to guide you on your way that truly resonate with that awakening spirit inside you. In this process of growth, will you gradually discover that the world around you is different, as you become different, and it will serve you well on your journey, if you let it.

Do not be afraid as you practice letting go. Do not, either, be too drastic; begin with something small but meaningful, and see where that leads you. Eventually, will you more easily discover that you can break even the biggest habits and release yourself from your biggest fears as you learn to trust the process, and as you grow and trust yourself as well. For true life, true evolutionary life of the spirit, must one learn to trust the self by allowing the self to have meaningful experiences that resonate with the spirit and prove validity of your path, and opening constantly the next door to both experience and potential as you grow.

Find your calm, find your balance, and begin from this center of the self that you are learning to establish. Begin from this firm ground and learn to let go from this place, this anchor. Practice daily this process of detaching from, first, the annoyances in your life, and then later, as you evolve, from the greater disturbances and big attachments that hold you captive.

In this manner do you offer yourself new life potential, new adventure, and entry into a new world. Be my guest!