#12 A Revolution of Energy

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for humanity today?

Seek calm throughout your day. Seek moments of calm to pinpoint your day as you navigate the stirrings that now flow into your energy field. Avoid old traps, but stay instead focused on doing that which needs doing, punctuated by these moments of calm I speak of. In this manner, will you maintain balance, even in the most turbulent of times.

It is crucial that human beings at this time, and especially those who reside in the United States, do not lose their cool and become as things upon that planet. Do not allow the decisions of the masses or of the chiefs to sway you from your knowing path. Do not anger quickly or act rashly in any circumstance, whether it be personal, national, or international. Hold yourself in steadiness and in high regard for your ability to see the truth, but also remain steadfast in your contemplation and your dissemination of facts, so that knowledge remains pure and thoughtful. If you act too quickly in any situation during these times of turbulence, will you encounter difficulties that should have been avoided.

Do not provoke the self or urge the self to become too active in that which is truly not your own cause. Stay focused now on the self. Direct your energy inward and question your own actions and your own decision making process, even as you question the decisions being made around you. Have you not understood me yet, that all actions you take affect all around you? Is there turmoil in your life now? How have you resolved to tackle these issues that cause destruction? Are you thoughtfully and deeply considering your own options and your own actions?

The answer to world turmoil resides in the energetic activities of all who now reside upon that earth. All are responsible for the current state of affairs, and all have access to the solution that will still the tumultuous energy. But this requires much effort, to still the individual tumultuous energy first, and to allow only positive aspects of energy to generate outward. In this manner, is there the possibility to heal, not only the self, but the entire planet, as well.

Do you think this is too simplistic an idea for world revolution, a revolution of energy? Well, I challenge you to investigate further the impact that energy has upon all other energy. Begin with your own life. How have you impacted the energy of others today? Did you send off anger into the energy field today? Did you send off love? Did you send off tension and discontent? Did you send off peace and powerful prayer?

I speak of energy often, for it is the key to life, and it must be understood on a far greater level than energy of industry and commerce and simple energy of the human body. Energy is life; remember this always. Your own energy is perpetually replenishable. This powerhouse of energy is as effective as a massive power plant of stored electrical energy. It acts in the same manner, yet is it also more powerful, for it does not need encasement in power lines in order to travel distance. It travels even without your awareness. But, factor in awareness, and intent, and you will begin to have control over your own energy storehouse. As a responsible citizen of the world, must you then begin to utilize it well, in order to have worldwide affect.

Every action you take has repercussions elsewhere. Think of this in your own life. What does this mean to you as an individual, one small individual? It means that you impact the entire world and beyond. Your choices affect all other choices made by all other people upon that planet. The way you begin your day affects others in your nearness. This is probably the most readily available example. Are you grumpy in the morning? Are others affected by this? When you are happy do you see a noticeable difference in those around you? We are all responsible for our little section of the world because our huge storehouse of energy has great impact upon it. That, in turn, impacts other sections of the world, and so on. All energy reverberates, mixes, and intersects with all other energy upon that earth.

Imagine how this could change the world, if all understood that they actually have an impact, simply by their very existence. There is no need to over-exert or to become a fanatic about any issue. The simple act of intent, a decision made to impact the world differently now, through the act of change of the self, and energy of the self, is sufficient.

I encourage you all to begin this process of energy change, of shift to gentleness and kindness, compassion and love, first for the self, for you will not have success in loving the world, and all in it, if your own core does not recognize the love you seek to give it. Remember, that you are energy first, then are you consciousness, then are you body. Allow your spirit energy to guide you in this process. It can take you to deep appreciation of your own journey, if you let it. It can introduce you to unknown territory, both in yourself, and outside of yourself, if you allow it. It can guide you to peace and contentment, if you also allow it. But most of all, it can impact your life greatly, and in turn, the world around you, if you also allow it to.

Look now, this moment, into the calmness of the self. Find your center, your own place of knowing, and allow this calm to spread throughout your physical body. Know this as your energy seeking change. As you feel it, begin to recognize it as your old friend who you perhaps don’t allow to visit often enough. Know it as you, as life energy, as renewable force, not to be forgotten, as you inhabit your busy day.

Punctuate your day often by returning to this place and this moment of calm. It will help you connect, not only the moments of your day, and anchor you in calm, but it will also remind you, that this is the truth of who you are, and anchor you there as well.

Practice this anchoring of the self as often as you can throughout your day and you will begin to see a shift in your energy output and your relationships to others. The world around you will begin to notice and to react in complementary action. You will begin to understand, by your own experience, not only how your energy impacts all other energy, but also how I dare to propose that this activity can change the world!