#17 Practice Your New Abilities

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a short message for humanity today?

Take the time to learn the new roles of detachment that I have urged upon you over the past few days. Work on your intent of purpose and your place of central calm and balance. These are practices that will serve you well, especially in the coming weeks and months as the energy heats up and seeks to disrupt and sneak into your calmness, with distraction and strong pulls, to divert your attention and your intent.

Remain, in your personal world, focused on evolving and learning the practices that will aid you in this endeavor. I do not advocate strict removal from the world, as you know, but I do advocate centering inside the self, closely listening to the needs of the inner self to create the necessary balance, counteracting the strong pulls from the outside world.

As you work towards this perfect balance, as you continually re-adjust and keep yourself in perfect alignment, and in continual flow, so will you begin to understand what it means to evolve. As your own inner energy learns to balance, and your outer self learns to balance with the outside world, too, so will you begin to feel that your place in that world, and in life in general, is changing. Your outlook on life will change. Your ability to maneuver in life will change. Your interactions with others will change. And your ability to flow in your own life will change too. All of these new aspects of the self will be discovered, and this will point out to you how you are evolving.

As you change and evolve will you also discover new things about the self. For all of you are different, and within your personal life, and your personal world, are many things that must come to light that no one can determine except you. You are in charge at all times. You are the director of your own life. You are the source of energy, and the source of change, and the energetic medium that desires evolution.

Know this about yourself and give yourself permission to fulfill these duties. Allow your spirit access to all that awaits. Watch yourself evolve as you learn the practices I suggest for greater balance and awareness. These practices will open your awareness to greater experiences in both worlds, the outer world of reality, as you know it, and your inner reality as well. Your ability to experience this growth in awareness is significantly tied to your desire, and your intent, and your continued practice of learning balance.

Be kind to yourself. Allow yourself time to explore your new abilities. See what happens as you center your energy and find your calmness, your own source of energy and life. Nurture this aspect of your being and you will do well.