#9 The Dilemma of Choice

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for humanity today?

Absolutely! Watch now the energy around you, and in you, as it swirls to culmination, for this time period of energy building is soon to close. As this time of intense duality, of calm and of energy expression, comes to a close, so will there begin a new phase of growth and potential. But the main proposition to humanity is do you choose correctly the next step to take on your journey? Do you now choose that which is clearly presented? Do you not see before you the clear aspects of life laid bare and ready for your discernment?

This time of energy has been presented for all mankind as a wake-up energy. The choice now is, do you choose to utilize that energy to your own personal advantage, and grow, or do you choose to bury yourself under your old ways and wait for it to pass? Are you feeling challenged? Well, I dare you to take on the challenge, rather than sit tightly in your usual seat. I challenge you all to make a move that will enact change, for the energy now is good for this. But also, be aware, that if you elect now change, if you take on the challenges that life offers, so will you have a rough ride for a time, as the energy will continue to offer challenges and opportunities in order to further you along.

This is a time of intense learning for man upon that earth, not only in the realm of the personal, but also in the realm of the universal. This is a time of confrontation and challenge like no other. This is what the universe would call a grande exposé, a true awakening, a true revelation as all aspects of life are laid bare, offered in true clarity, like no other time in history as you know it.

Are you not now confronted in your own life with truths? Are you not experiencing some aspect of yourself that you have not previously observed or acknowledged as truth? Is there not clarity in your life now that previously lay hidden? Is there not some inkling of reality that stands before you and beckons you to notice its grand presentation?

Are you seeing what life is revealing to you? Are you choosing to observe or are you choosing to engage in the challenge of it? All now upon that earth are being offered a challenge in their own personal life. All have now an opportunity to discover some truth about themselves that requires this uncovering in order for them to progress. Even as this uncovering is happening on other levels, the national, the international, so is it also happening on the local and the personal. But my question to you is, do you choose to examine your own personal revelation, take it seriously, and accept the challenge of it? The energy now upon the earth is offering you this challenge. Know that it is right to engage it, for the energy will pull you forward in the right direction. If you choose to engage the process that this challenge offers, so will you grow exponentially in the proper direction.

I know, this sounds drastic and daring, but in reality is there no other choice except stagnation. That is the only alternative now being offered. There is only this duality being offered at this time. There is only the choice of moving rapidly forward, with challenges offered by change, grand change, or the opposite aspect of doing nothing and remaining bound in heavy ways for yet another long period of stagnancy and lack of growth.

Weigh all consequences of your actions. Determine what you are ready or not ready to handle. Decide if you are up for the challenge of a lifetime, for although this duality offers grand growth, so does it also offer grand struggle. But, keep also in mind that accompanying this growth, and this struggle, is the aspect of pure life, of spirit desire and awakening, and the possibility of exponential growth, beyond all that you now know and experience. This is a time in life that is rare in its opportunity, both for life upon that earth, for your own personal earthbound journey, and your evolutionary spirit as well. This is also the duality being offered, in the other reality of spirit life.

What does your spirit want at this time? Aside from your ego and physical existence upon that earth, so is there also the life of your spirit, both in that world and the next, to be considered. Your spirit seeks growth. That is a fact that does not change, ever. But have you paid attention to that fact lately? Is your spirit being listened to now? Have you allowed it to partake in your life decision? Are you heavily into making decisions of comfort that keep you bound in old ways, simply because it is so much easier to stay in a place of comfort than it is to take on the challenges of a new and daring prospect?

Are you caught now in the dilemma of choice that requires either drastic change or staying in the same old rut? Do you not see that this is exactly what I speak of, that now is being offered only this extreme, this time of widely divergent paths, with little offered in between?

There is now being offered opportunity upon that earth and also within the world of spirit and evolution. This I have been speaking of now for a long time, and the power of choice is now upon you, the time of revelation and growth. It will not come around again for a long time. So, what will happen if you choose change? I can guarantee that you will find that life will take you on many adventures, that you will not experience a dull moment for a long time, that you will find yourself confronted with many new worlds, and much to contend with on a daily basis as you open up to the adventure that will unfold before you. If you choose this path of spirit and of challenge, so will you be choosing a life of progress and rapid growth, but so must you also go into it with readiness for the intensity of it, for it will propel you into life like never before.

If you choose this path, go forward with open eyes, trusting your own spirit potential to lead you correctly. Learn to read the signs that are daily presented to lead you correctly and you will do well. Even if you are afraid of major change in your life, so can you still dare yourself to change, one small step at a time, and accept each challenge as it comes, without becoming overwhelmed, if you keep in mind that life, and spirit, desire this of you and offer you its opportunity for growth and guidance.

If you choose to avoid latching on to this energy at this time know that you may find yourself further down the road, in a few years time, finally ready to engage in such challenge and, although the energetic push may not be available to accompany you on your journey, so may you still dare your spirit to wake up anyway and take on the challenge that you now learn and that now is being revealed to you in all its clarity and truth. If you hold off on your decision to engage what life offers now, know that your spirit will push you to remember this time, and that will be your own struggle to contend with. For even if you choose to not act upon that which you know would challenge you and present you with possibility for growth, so will you not be able to quietly rest again in old ways.

This is the legacy of the energy now upon that earth. It seeks to shake up, and it will succeed in doing this, and the consequences of this time will reside upon that earth for a long time to come. Underneath, will there remain the knowledge that change is inevitable and your own choice will remain dormant if you choose to not undertake it at this time.

That is the beauty of living life upon that earth. The spirit will not lie totally quiet or asleep, but it will wake up from it’s slumber throughout a lifetime, at crucial times of energy surge, and attempt to alert you to its presence. This time now is one of those times, but it is vastly different from all other attempts, for it encompasses, not only your own spirit, but the spirit energy of the earth, and of other worlds, in a grand conjunction that urges drastic change, drastic challenge, and offers not only the opportunity for growth, but also adventure and true revelation of spirit and spirit intent, both upon that earth, inside the individual, and in grand conjunction with those of us who offer our guidance.

This aspect of soul group, that I speak of, is now offering guidance that those who choose the challenge of this grande exposé will have access to, in order to progress in life, and in spirit life and renewal of spirit. Our participation is the one aspect that makes this opportunity different. For there now is greater knowledge and greater awareness of our existence on a daily level. There is now greater trust in our connection, and our participation is not only being offered, but also accepted on a grander scale.

This you must learn to utilize, for it is part of the greater plan in evolution of the spirit. You are being offered this opportunity to participate with us in a connection that has not been acceptable for a long time. But, there now reside upon that earth many who maintain daily connection, many who dare, as this writer I offer you dares, to acknowledge the reality of this connection; and these daring people offer you the opportunity to accept your own connection and your own guidance as being real and true. Tap into your own spirit and see where it takes you.

We await your participation, not only in your own journey, but also in the journey with us that you open up to as you take on the challenges of your own life, and the energy that now guides you to accept the possibilities of far greater life upon that earth and other worlds as well.

I exist in time and space, even as you do. I live in a world, even as you do, and yet is my energy unencumbered by the heaviness of physicality that you must contend with upon that earth. But, this need not hold you back, though it tugs strongly at your personal physical self, desiring you to stay bound. This is the challenge that first must be overcome as you discover that you are spirit energy first and foremost, and not the other way around.

Find you spirit energy. Go to your place of calm within yourself and become acquainted with your own spirit energy. As you connect to this aspect of yourself more and more, on a daily basis, so will you be able to understand how it speaks and what it truly desires. I encourage you, at all times, to engage this energy over all others, for it will lead you where you need to go.

I realize I offer, today, drastic challenges and proposals that may overwhelm you as you struggle to make now a choice in, and about, your life. I do, in fact, offer you challenge, and I do push you to accept the greatest challenge of your life for a long while, but also I offer you the knowledge that guides await you. You will be well cared for, and lovingly guided on your journey, if you choose to listen to your spirit as you undertake your next step in life. You are surrounded and safe. This I guarantee. You will be guided.

Now, I leave it up to you. And remember this, if you need help, ask for it, and you will receive it. It really is that simple.

Bon voyage, my fine traveling companions, may you choose wisely and well. Trust your journey and you will do well.