#8 Alignment

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for humanity today?

I speak of alignment, both in the individual life, and in all things upon that earth. For centuries, has alignment had impact, as there has been eternal interconnectedness, both in the past and stretching also into the future. For all things are connected and have impact on all other things, both upon that earth and beyond that known reality.

Find your balance daily. This I speak of often, for it is the way to learn to perceive your own world differently, to begin to understand that there is a vastness that lies beyond your own little sphere, your own little world, and it is available for your exploration. But you will have little access to it if your balance upon that earth is not maintained.

By balance, I mean, not only the placing of one foot in your earthly reality, and one foot in your inner reality, as I have spoken of, but also placing your entire body state in conjunction, in alignment, with all else in the universe. Your own universe, your own world, requires this of you, but so does the greater reality of all worlds expect this also of you. For your alignment affects all other alignments upon that earth, even as your energy does. You have affect upon that earth far greater than you can imagine.

By your insistence in staying local, in your world of trouble and dispute, of discontent and disharmony, do you disregard all that surrounds you and in so doing do you disrupt the flow of life as it is meant to be.

Do not stand so solidly stuck. Begin to look around you, beyond your own troubled self, and begin to alert your keener self to all that surrounds you. Your world is but a microcosm of the greater world. Begin to understand that balance in your own micro world will spread its energy to the micro worlds that surround you, and as this energy spreads so does the world become better balanced, and alignment begin to take place, as all things upon that earth are affected by the displacement of imbalance, and the new balance that is created affects all in nearness.

As this phenomenon spreads so is there adjustment taking place on other levels of reality. As you begin your own process of alignment, thinking even of your own spine as needing adjustment, even by simply standing straight, aligning your own body, so that you begin to notice that your balance becomes better and your inner calm finds a resting place in your body, so will you notice that, in so doing, have you changed your outlook and your internal energy as well.

As you do this so do you begin to change your expectations too. Your life now has awareness of expectation. What now? Now that I have found this balance, what else is there for me to discover? This is your awareness waking up to possibility and, as this happens, so will you begin to understand what I mean when I speak of alignment on a greater scale. For now are you alert to the universe; you become expectant and desirous of experience beyond your own microcosm, and you become ready for it simply by being aware.

Think of alignment in life as learning to accept the aspects of life that approach you daily as new steps on your journey. Do you choose to become weighted down by them? Do you choose to let them bother you so that you lose your balance and your place of alignment? Or do you choose to swiftly access them, and deal with them with new awareness? To do so is to remain in alignment, aligned with your life as it flows, and you flow with it.

For I have spoken often of life as a journey, and yet is life also a river that flows rapidly alongside you every day of your life. There are many things in that river that you desire, that you jump in to grab, to attach to, and to experience, because you must have or experience them. There are many things of beauty, and many dangers, too, in that river, yet do you desire them, and risk everything for them. But, as time passes, the river and its treasures may become less important and less appealing.

You may begin to prefer the path alongside the river for your journey now. You may begin to find that you are less drawn to the bounty of the river, and discover that calm walking is more to your liking. In such a case, are you experiencing alignment and understanding that you can let most of what the river offers flow past, that you don’t really need what it offers, and in fact, your life will flow better as you allow the river to flow past with its goodies, for they no longer appeal to you, nor do you wish to experience such things any longer.

If you choose to walk the calm path beside the river, and even though it swirls and entices you and beckons you to leave the calm shore, yet do you not attach to its enticement, so have you achieved good balance and the beginning of alignment with all things. As you allow the river on one side to go its merry way, and the energy of possibility and awareness on the other side to become known, so do you live in balance and harmony, learning to discern that which is important to attach to, what is important to detach from, and what is important to open up to. In this new state, will you become a Riverwalker, and you will walk in harmony with me and my group, who offer you this opportunity to live life differently now, with a calm pace, as you walk this new path between your old reality and your new possibility.

Do not be afraid to leave the things of the river in the quick pace of it, for they will not go unused. But do decide whether or not you are done with them, and whether or not you have put back all that you once needed and desired, fully aware that you no longer need it, and aware that you are choosing now a new pace of life. I show you this path that winds beside the river as a new way of life. It has been here all along, not as a refuge, but as a known path that you have had access to all along, but you had to be ready for it, for it is a path that will lead you eventually away from the river of life as you know it and introduce you to new life.

Find your way today to alignment in some small way that is meaningful to you. Seek your own calm place beside your own busy river, and sit a moment upon a bench and allow the vicissitudes of life to flow swiftly past as you take a moment to discover what calm in your own life may mean for today, but also for your future. Begin a healing journey with me as we explore what all of this means. I invite you to come along on a path of discovery and truth like no other upon that earth. Remember; trust all that you are given. This will help you as you embark on a new journey with me as a true and steady Riverwalker. Welcome!