#7 Lone Contemplation

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for humanity today?

Back down now to quiet contemplation as life around you begins to hibernate again after the flurry of holiday celebrations and expressions of human desires. Now, refocus potential inward, on spirit desires, and spirit growth. The time of contemplation now upon you and present, awaiting awareness, is of long duration. For this is now a time of lone silence as the world begins to deteriorate and show its ancientness and its own desire for evolution.

In this time of lone contemplation, find your own spirit desires in the midst of removal from the disasters about you. Find inner silence and let it guide you, so that your time upon that earth will be meaningful and helpful, upholding not that which no longer matters, but only that which now requires notice and nurture.

Find in your inner and outer balance the place of firmness that will enable you to remain aware and cognizant of both the outer world around you and the inner world of your individual spirit. Claim your turf, for it will be necessary to have stable ground upon which to view and work from, in order to maintain your awareness of vast outer reality and vast inner reality. To see clearly, from your balanced vantage point, will bode well for your ability to surpass the dread and despair, and instead, focus on future evolution in an outer world greatly changed, and in your own evolving inner world.

I foresee great change already happening upon that earth far into the future, but also already enacted upon that earth. Do you not notice your world is different now? Do you not hear the news-speak and have knowledge of the impacts of man and manmade products upon that earth? These are the messages that bring you knowledge, not only of the world around you, but also point out the validity of that which I speak of, that now is the time to point in a different direction, to no longer uphold that which man has determined is right, but instead, begin to uphold that which the inner spirit knows is right.

Allow the world around you to change as you change. For your own desire for change will bring about the proper connection that the earth so desires. Your own instigation and investigation of your own inner spirit will, in the long run, connect to over-imbalance of that which man has too long let loose upon that earth. I speak of greed and rampant disregard of the gifts of the earth, the unnecessary holding and taking of that which does not belong to any man, but to all men, and all who reside upon that earth.

This, the true inner spirit knows and seeks to rectify. The true inner spirit is a kind, compassionate, and healing spirit deeply interested in the evolution of the individual, and in turn, all mankind upon that earth.

This new year that you now step foot into asks for quiet contemplation as you tread lightly and gently upon the path that leads you forward. This new phase of life requests respect for all as the journey begins, and as it proceeds, with possibility for change and the potential for all to begin a new life. Focus now on spirit and you will find that you are guided correctly.

Begin your new year with inner contemplation and meditation, first, within the self, centering and balancing the physical self with the spirit self. Then, proceed outward, with awareness of your immediate surroundings, and bring that personal space into balance with the inner self. Lastly, include not only your own little world in your balancing act, but the greater world, as well. Pull the greater world into balance with your own spirit, and in this manner will you, and others who are able, have affect upon all that happens in the future.

For retain the knowing, that your own personal energy affects all that is in your nearness and all that is distant from you, too. For energy is but waves that flow outward and outward and ever outward. But energy also is captivating, and the possibility exists to draw in energy that is useful and necessary for a successful life upon that earth. To have affect must you become responsible for your own personal energy first, and then will you affect, positively, all energy, if you so desire. You may also affect negatively, if you so desire, and that, too, is always your choice.

How do you see yourself in that world? As insignificant? I doubt that, for all have ego, and this is the catalyst to allowing yourself to have true impact upon that earth. If you allow that ego to turn inward, into spirit energy, so do you give your ego the opportunity to have far greater impact, both upon the self, and the world at large.

Turn your disturbing ways now inward. Turn your sadness, and your disgruntled ego spirit inward, now, and become focused on building energy, and awareness of your spirit potential, and your world potential. Begin to have impact. Begin to give yourself permission to have positive affect upon the world, and you will discover that your balance will right itself, and your place will become more clearly visible as you allow for the possibility of all energy to flow in you, from you, and to you for a true spirit inhabitation upon that earth, with your focus, now forward, to change, and to evolution of a new sort.

The world awaits the energy of all mankind to shift, from the self-centered ego place of oblivion to the spirit-focused state of inclusiveness, and understanding that all have impact. How do you choose to have impact? Where do you determine your energetic place is going to bring you? Do you decide? Yes, you do.