#6 Balance Your Surfboard

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a short message for humanity today?

Look now at this peak, as the year ends and a new one begins, not as a final aspect of life for a time, but as the beginning and continuation of all life. For life does not end, but is in continual flow, with ebbs and surges, as the ocean ebbs and flows. This is a time of surge now, as a wave surges and soon crashes upon the shore. Seek time to contemplate how you will handle the crashing of the wave upon the rocky shore, upon the sandy beach, or upon the grassy marsh that is your life. Do you reside in rough circumstances? Do you reside in smooth area now, of a life that is kind and slow? Do you reside in troubled times?

Find your equilibrium first, before you react to the circumstances in your own life, as this time of surge breaks into crashing waves upon the shore. Balance yourself on the surfboard that is your daily life and ride the waves now with balance. In this manner will you find that even the biggest wave may carry you far, and you will have neither fear, nor harm, if you can maintain your even balance. To be unstable, unprepared, and awkward upon that surfboard that is now your life will teach you much that you need to know. So, do not worry if your equilibrium is not perfected, and if you fall into the waves and find yourself ground into the turbulence that ensues, so will you learn that life will take you where you need to go anyway.

I teach balance to those of you now upon that earth, for it is necessary in order to more smoothly ride the surf, and flow through life, and avoid the collision course that life may urge upon you. But with firm balance are you better able to grip your board and survive well the thrills and trials of life.

I have warned that the times of lull will soon pass and that life will take on a new aspect of danger, and choices will be presented. With equilibrium and balance, with moderation in all things in that life will this new phase of deliberate awakening be better accessed and better approached. Do not worry as I speak of such approaching storm, for it is inevitable. The world now needs and desires change, and what the world wants, the world gets, and man must learn to accept and flow with the changes.

As you find your own balance in your own life, both in your external worldly life and in your internal spiritual life, so will you discover, that no matter what occurs outside of you, so will you be better prepared, and the impact will be as the flow of the ocean, and the riding of waves upon the shore will become natural and your ability to surf will develop well, and your natural talent to navigate that which comes into your life will innately and instinctively guide you to safety.

Do not run from the thrill of life upon that earth. Even as I urge you to go innerly, so do I also urge you to participate in as much life as you need in order to fulfill your duties there. Be the person you must be, for that is how you will evolve. Follow your muse, your own spirit, at all times, and live your life to the fullest. You will be impacted by the rightness of your spirit as you go, guiding you correctly and well, and bringing you to a place of universal love, compassion, and understanding, where life will eventually smooth out, and your vision will become clearer as the rough seas calm down. Eventually, will you walk upon the shore in calmness, in equilibrium, that will indicate your maturity into a life of true harmony, both with your own spirit, and the world around you.

I am not inclined to tell you much more today, except that I request a calm approach from your centered self, in everything you undertake. Watch the world around you, and learn detachment in order to learn the balance I speak of. In this manner will you function and grow to a point of perfect balance. Happy New Year, my sweet traveling companions! Be safe, be joyous, but remain always spirit focused, in your inner place of calm, and you will do well.