#10 Trust Your Gifts

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have messages for humanity today?

Everything is possible. Keep this always in mind. I have spoken often of allowing for possibility, but also know that you daily have access to the knowledge that I speak of. Daily are you given glimpses of phenomena that test you, and jolt you, and ask for your trust. These are gifts. They may be objects placed before you with meaningful messages upon them. They may be visions or knowings that abruptly appear in order to shake you up, alert you, and move you along. These things are the gifts that life offers in order to more strictly place you on your correct path. Do you even choose to observe them? Or do you ignore them in the oblivion that is your life?

All reside in veiled space where such things are but vagaries; perhaps clear glimpses as the veils momentarily part. Do you care to acknowledge them? Do you dare to see?

I urge now upon you this opportunity to understand that all of those strange aspects of life, those unexplainable aspects, are gifts that are meant for you. They are meant to be seen by you, and they offer you the knowledge that life really is that mysterious, or that frightening if you care to see it in this fashion, or that magical if that is your bent. These gifts you are given are the opportunity that the universe, in all its complexities, is making available to you, so that you may begin to understand that life as you view it, your solid everyday life, is but one aspect of what life really means.

Do you choose to run from these phenomena, these gifts? Or do you choose to allow them to slip in to your life and affect you profoundly? Do you choose to accept them as meaningful, and as prophets of your own journey, pointing you forward and into discovery and adventure?

You now read these messages I so freely give to you, asking you to please wake up and begin to see your world, and the greater world around you, differently now. In so doing, do you open more doors and allow more people upon that earth to also begin to experience such phenomena that I speak of. Do you trust my words, my guidance, and my trust? Do you seek not more in that world, but more meaning in you life? Do you dare to trust me, as I trust you, by giving you my words of knowledge?

Are we not all companions on a journey? I offer my hand in guidance, and I challenge you to come with me into a new life. Be not afraid of this journey that will lead you to truth and joy and harmony, of first the self, but also of all mankind. Trust my direction, but trust also your own knowing as you begin to read the signs in your own life, and as you start to piece together all that you know you have experienced in your life thus far, and learn to understand it as significant and guided, leading you towards fulfillment of your journey there.

Even in your excitement of knowing, find always your calm center and allow your energy to rest there a moment. As you begin to recall the significants in your life, whether they be people, places, phenomena, mysteries, or personal tragedies, so must you also begin to understand that all aspects of your life are meaningful for your continuous journey. Resolve to view your life differently and you will give yourself the gift of shift, the ability to change your direction and your outlook, but also your thinking, your memory, and your past, so that your life becomes as an adventure that continually unfolds.

Are you caught? This energy now upon the earth urges companionship and compatibility. By this I mean, that if you are ready to flow into new life it is ready to propel you forward like never before. It is available to give you the ride of a lifetime. If you choose not to at this time, I suggest that you hunker down and get out of the way, for the energy will surround you anyway and not allow you much peace of mind as it flurries passed in its current intensity. You will be affected by it no matter what choice you make. If you choose to ride it, expect swiftness of energy to carry you far. If you refuse participation, expect to be affected by the strength of it as it passes by. Batten down your hatches if you choose to ride out the storm where you now reside. If you choose to ride those winds of change, trust your own judgment and your own spirit choices as you prepare yourself for the journey of a lifetime.

May you find your way with open eyes, open heart, and open hands. Trust your journey now as necessary, and although you may be in for a wild ride, know that your spirit dared you, you responded with equal daring, and you accepted the challenge. This is enough to go on. Believe me.