#3 Time of Lull

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a short message for humanity today?

Now in this time of quiet and lull reflect and prepare the self for the journey ahead. There is now a time of self-reflection that is pertinent, important, and crucial, not only for the self and the personal journey, but also for the world’s journey. For this is a time of grand transition, of flux, and of change like no other. To become cognizant of this approaching phenomenon is to be given a gift. To be assigned a role in this is also a gift. I encourage all of you to begin to take on the task of becoming part of this grand transition by becoming whole and enabled by your own spirit.

As I continually say, it is the duty of the individual to take on the charge of self-discovery and self-truth and in this manner be able to guide not only the journey of the self, but be a beacon for others also ready to transition. By this I mean, become ready to understand the greater picture of the reality of life on earth as only a small aspect of life, and reality as existing on many planes.

There are ahead of all of you many experiences in life, both there on earth as you discover your direction, your true direction, as you trust your knowing spirit, and as you trust the guidance you are given. Allow for growth at all times. Do not be afraid to explore your own truths that will point you in the direction you need to go. Allow yourselves access to others upon similar journeys, aware also of continued life, connection now, and also eager to learn more.

This is what my mission encourages, it encourages exploration and discovery and acknowledgment of possibility. I welcome you all into such possibility with new awareness of your own place in the world as having not only importance, but impact. For even in your daily energy do you affect and have impact in that world, and as you gain confidence in your learning and in your discoveries of your own journey so will you have even greater openness and clarity of what I speak of.

Begin now a new life of discovery. Go unafraid into your own life with open eyes and open hearing, and begin to see the world, not as your enemy, but as your trusty learning ground where you are being given every gift possible. You just have to become aware and experience all that truly exists there.

I am happy to begin to see the stirrings of the awareness on a larger scale as many are given permission now, through their own daring, to access not only what I speak of, but what truly resonates within.

Look now forward to life on a greater scale, for even as you go in and do your always necessary inner work, purifying your past, so that your present may be unencumbered, so do you find that you will go also out into the world more openly and with greater appreciation of your own journey; a journey that discovers your own deepness, but also your own expansiveness, as well.

I advise all to take quiet each day, even if just for a few seconds at a time, to establish inner quiet and inner balance, and in this manner retain your good position so that your journey may flow well and your awareness grow. All of this is good.