#4 Rediscover Gravity

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message today?

Resolve issues of the self as you continue your journey, for all life upon that earth is part of a greater journey, the journey of the soul, the ancient spirit in all of us that gathers its energy daily and seeks experience there to fulfill its needs. Seek to resolve issues that block you from fulfilling this journey you now live. In your daily life resolve to notice, and attempt to tackle, with open awareness all that keeps you bound to old ways. In order to evolve, to complete a lifetime upon that earth, with truth and honesty must one make the decision to understand the meaning of that life more fully.

Discover gravity again. By this I mean, discover the reason for your own being on that earth. Discover why you are so firmly planted there now. Find your center, your calm center, and work outward from there investigating your lifeline and discover why you are there, what you have learned, and who you must become, for all have still the possibility of becoming more. This is part of evolution. You do not stop unless you choose. Do you say, I am a such and such, and stop there? Or do you choose to continue discovering who you are again and again? This would be the evolutionary choice. But first must one begin a process of recapitulation, re-grounding upon that earth, to clearly understand your journey thus far. To be open to continual growth must one be able to move onward, unburdened of all that has befallen one in that life. And this aspect of growth involves the clear understanding that what has befallen you on your journey was meant to be part of your learning, and part of your growth as well. Do you choose now to see yourself as a warrior, on a journey of the soul that encompasses who you really are?

I invite you to take an evolutionary journey with me and the many soul-journeyers who have chosen the evolutionary path. Once you have rediscovered your own gravity, understood your own lifespan, and clearly understand the path thus taken, then can you begin to unburden yourself of that earthly gravity and begin to experience other worlds where such gravity does not exist or weigh you down.

To begin experiencing life in a different manner is a fine way to begin the new year that is soon upon you. To understand life in a new way, to charge yourself with beginning life now as a true warrior, whether man, women, or child, but as a strong contender to live life with awareness now, is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Allow yourself to enjoy that life, for it is where you now stand and what you now need to accomplish for the completion of your soul. Allow your ancient spirit to guide you; even as I offer guidance so do you have within your own innate guide to lead you where you need to go. Learn to question your life differently now. Do not ask why is this happening to me with despair, but ask with wonder and anticipation. Fulfill your chores of that life and move quickly to your next task, evolve daily, if possible, and you will find that your life will take on, not only new meaning, but also new direction and joy.

I encourage you all to begin this journey now with me. I invite you into my world of adventure and growth. Be brave, my daring companions. You are not alone. We await your participation on this new journey. All of this is good.