#190 Repair and Prepare

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for us today, and for the weekend ahead?

Repair and prepare now your solitary vessel of the self for sailing into the calmer waters that lie ahead. Under new conditions, make use of your time to fix what needs fixing, and be ready for what later lies ahead. Do not anticipate disaster, but be ready for anything and everything. Place your self firmly in command and be aware, at all times, of your place upon the great waters of life. The sea does react to energy differently from a small pond, or even a large lake. A stream carries different properties than a river, and so is it within each of you that the properties of your own resident energy vary and need attending to differently.

Recognize who you are now. Discover the vessel you call your own, and the energetic flow you have chosen as your method of movement and fuel. Find your self full of acceptance for this total package of the self, right now, and determine what you need to complete your preparations for the next part of your journey.

With this time of contemplation and preparation do you give your self the gift of acceptance, recognition, and awareness of where you now find your self, and what the meaning of your life is now. With much learning already behind you, may you proceed now, with quite a nice bit of awareness to steady and aid you as you go. Your companions upon your journey must now be chosen for their worthiness and ability to make the journey with you. Alert your self, first, to the fact that you expect such worthiness and ability to be your own strengths, and your own awareness to continually be utilized. Do not fall asleep at the wheel of your vessel! Do not allow your attention to your course to waver or falter. Do not abide by the rules of old, or of others, but abide by your own new rules.

Choosing, first, the new self to board the vessel as you prepare for the coming month, and reasserting the rules of life and of awareness are essential steps. Remind your self that this journey that you now take through life is of importance, utmost importance, not only for you, but for the greater world and even beyond that earth realm, for you have potential and possibility to evolve now, in infinity. Your journey now has shifted, from one of earth-living to one of infinite life as an evolutionary being. The choice in how you view your journey is up to you. Once you have declined or accepted a new view of your self and your reason for being, then is it up to you to decide where you next point your bow.

So, this is why I suggest that your companionship in life is as important as your inner work and the preparation of your sailing vessel. Your companions must be worthy, hardworking individuals, with equivalent interests in growth. Your ship must vibrate with resonant energy; hum with resonant partnership; and function at a new growth-oriented level so that explorations and adventures may be undertaken, with everyone on board ready and willing to take on the tasks necessary, in order to make each leg of the journey a successful growing process.

If no resonance exists with another, is it far better to prepare for solitary sailing. Your boat will find other boats to sail upon the waters beside, fulfillingly and happily corralled with other vessels equally full of desires for life and adventure out upon the greater waters of life. Find a rivulet to start out from and see where your vessel next ends up. There are so many energetic rivulets that lead in so many directions. Take time now to prepare, to contemplate, and to determine the best course for your self to take, utilizing all your skills, of knowing and awareness, to reach your own inner truth.

From this place of deepest truth, clearly spoken or only vaguely heard, begin the process of seeking that resonance, the place from which to launch. For now, soon, will it be time to set out upon the waters of your choice and go on a new adventure, backed by the winds of growth and change, ready to assist you and drive your vessel upon its chosen course.

But there is still plenty of time to prepare now, before this great opportunity for change and clarity arrives. It will come. Be ready for it. That is where your energy should be placed now, in preparation, contemplation, and making significant choices for your own future. This is good for today.

#189 Practice Detachment

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a note of guidance for us today?

Become your firmly planted self now upon this intentional path of growth. Do not let the clouds on the horizon interfere with your walking. Do not allow the shadows of darkness or doubt to interrupt your seeing. Do not allow the rumblings on the distant horizon to bar you from understanding your correct knowing. Though disturbances and doubt may sneak in to your territory, do not allow them to become bigger obstacles than they indeed are, for they are but blips of energetic disturbance that need not become yours. Allow them to remain as but stones along your path. Allow them to sit with their own heaviness, rather than pick them up and carry them with you.

Use your knowledge of detachment to aid you now as you venture further, seeking your energetic resonance, keeping your focus forward, and your knowing alert. Abide by the rules of energetic life as you have been learning, and remain your centered and bravely daring new spirit self.

This is what the energy of now requires, and asks of you: That you feel it, that you use it, that you desire it for the proper reasons of spirit growth, and that you utilize it for only that which is truly right. Remain centered and viable, remain focused and alert, remain within the standards you have set for your self as you make this journey now in a new way, with your focus on wholeness, and your attitude positive, and looking now always for resonance.

Meet your expectations with this resonance as your radar. Allow your new self that you are working so hard to accept and allow passage into new life, to read the signs before you. Practice detachment, for this is what I speak of today, learning once again what it means, when it is appropriate, and how it will affect you and your growth process as you perfect your abilities in achieving it.

Today, remain aware. Do not let the energy sabotage your good intentions or your progress thus far made. Pick your self up, and walk the path you have chosen, knowing again the rightness of your choice, and see where this next step leads you. And if you do in fact need to take a new path, then choose your new direction with all of your new tools and rules as your compass and your groundbreaking shovel, forging your way now with every step dug right, and every focus on getting it done properly. You have much to aid you. Good Luck!

#188 Abide by the Rules of Change & Accept and Detach

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for all of humanity today?

Change is now in the winds of energy, though at times is this but a subtle scent. Keep your nose up and sniffing, seeking always to follow the proper path and to abide by the rules of change.

What are they?

These are: the rule of alertness at all times, the rule of resonance, and the rule of self-discipline in sticking to your path, as well as the rule of daring. Always remain daring in your spirit search and research, and you will find the other rules naturally become necessary.

As I speak today of change, so do not forget that I spoke yesterday of self-acceptance and the ability to trust the self-image, both inside and outside, as necessary for now. With this You are you traveling, and your way will be easier and clearer as you learn the compromise of acceptance. This compromise is not a negative acceptance of faults or problems, but a positive one of acceptance and simultaneous detachment. And this detachment is not either a negative attitude, but a very positive one, for in detachment is there acceptance of now.

With this acceptance of the self, and the balancing act of detachment from the self, is it possible to progress with a freer spirit self, and a freer physical self. Accept and detach, and in so doing allow your self the possibility of laying aside burdens that do not necessarily belong to you, but have been placed there by others’ ideas and others’ proclamations. For are you truly willing to carry upon your shoulders the judgments of others? Are you willing to bear the confining attitudes of beauty and disfigurement that have been determined by outside forces that, quite frankly, have nothing to do with your own personal growth and evolution? Have you become trapped by the processes of outside influences seeking to keep your attention on them, and their rules, rather than on your self and your own process of growth and nurturance?

So, as I spoke of yesterday, is it most beneficial to engage in the process of self-acceptance; then take that one step further: to detach this newly accepted self from the confines of a capitalistic society net that entraps and keeps you caged in doubt, despair, and disagreeable attitudes about the self that are unacceptable for the journey you are now on.

Continue today this unburdening process, as you find your heart-centered spirit beauty, your inner purity and innocence, and allow this to become strong enough to push off your shoulders the burdens that you carry that do but weigh you down, and deny you full access to your energetic self. Underneath all of that will you find you own true and pure energy, and this is what you seek to nurture and enjoy, without limit and without confinement.

Access this energy, now, as the winds of energetic change continue to blow. Keep your nose up, your back straight, your feet firmly planted upon your path, and your mind free of those burdens of old. Follow now the new signs, with the new rules of energetic travel; and allow your true self to accept your other true self, and travel on now with lightness, joy, and that ever-necessary daring that I speak of. See what happens next! You may be surprised!

#187 Today, Become Your Own Best Traveling Companion

Dear Jeanne,
What message do you have for us today?

Notice the energy within your self now. Notice it as resident energy, as your own powerful source, and begin to utilize it differently now. Accept the total embodiment of the self as absolutely you, as whole, containing all you need; all that exists is present, merely yet undiscovered. Seek now to use your knowledge of energy, and of the self as container, to learn more about the self. Within resides everything you need, but your discovery of what this truly means is up to you.

From your calm and balanced centered self accept the totality of who you are now. Work from now in order to evolve, utilizing the powers of energy and knowing, awareness and clarity, growth and rejuvenation. I speak in energetic terms, but these also apply to your physical body if you learn to apply these words of energy to all aspects of the self. There is no aspect of the physical you that is not wholly acceptable. All of you is necessary for growth of the self. From this point onward, backed by the good winds of alertness, and confidence in the power of the inner energetic self, begin a new life. Determine today that the self is total, acceptable; a fine specimen of humanity, spirit, and evolutionary potential; full of all that is necessary for growth. Use what you have most apparently available to you, and then dare to add what you have most apparently hidden, awaiting release and enjoyment of life.

Do not be afraid of who your are, or of who you have the potential to become. This day is your day. Each of you is granted this day as a day of the self, the real, vital, alive, physical self. Acceptance of this self must become a part of this journey, for if you are constantly in battle with the self will your journey be thwarted and slowed down so that growth is limited to only times when you think are acceptable. In reality, is every day an acceptable growth day; so allow the self access to all of you, and to the energy bursting inside you, wanting release and participation in real life. Are you a good and worthy traveling companion to the self? Are you ready to go on an adventure with the self, or do you hesitate, complain, and hold yourself back from the adventures awaiting discovery? What kind of traveling companion are you?

Today, become your own best traveling companion, and allow the self to step out into the true adventure of life, with no-holds-barred, no tethers tied, and no binder or blinders on. This you, that you now are, as is, is perfectly and wholly ready to go, just awaiting your acceptance, your acknowledgment, and your daring. So, become the best of friends, your physical self and your spirit self, and begin the great adventure you’ve been waiting for. Now is the time to step out together, and go! The energy, both inside of you and outside of you, is complete and compliant, ready to support, engage, and aid. It’s up to you. Do you dare? Now? Today?

#186 Watch Now Your Tenderness, Your Innocence

Dear Jeanne,
You said the time of energetic culmination would be over by today. So what can we expect now?

Although culmination and energy-building, to such an exasperating extent, will no longer be of such great intensity and fortune, so will there continue to be highs and lows in energetic concentrations that will affect you, whether you are aware of the energy or not. Keep perceptions honed; and remain aware of what is happening around you, at all times. For even though you may not be directly affected, so will the affect on others directly affect you. This is how energy works, and this is what we seek to teach you; not only this, but also how to use it for growth.

Can you explain this?

Once you have learned what it means to be affected by all energy, so can you learn to use it beneficially, rather than it taking over and capsizing your ship, or pushing you off course, or throwing you upon the sandbar, or, worse still, the rocky shore. Your ability to read the waves of energetic content will enable you to smoothly maneuver through any passages in life. If you are totally unaware of energetic buildup, energy on a universal level, do you leave your self open to interference in all aspects of your life.

Many have had experiences of this universal energy, feeling and seeing, first hand, how many, in a domino effect, can be pulled in by the force of such energetic collusion. If you are present among others who are unaware of the personal consequences of engaging in energetic properties, whether positive or negative pulls, so may you witness what universal energy is capable of. Especially in group activity is there potential for a greater buildup of tension and unnatural activities as the energetic pull builds among the many members of the group, stirring up a whirlwind of energy.

To remain in such a group, in solitary confinement of your own energy, can be a difficult situation. To remain outside such a group and witness the frenetic building of energy is also extremely useful, and potentially your greatest feat of understanding. To remain pragmatically distant and soberly attuned to the realities of such progressive energy is to retain a balanced, calm state, such as we have been lately teaching.

Now, with the great build-up completed, the wave now crashed upon the shore; the undertow resolved upon the sandy beaches of life; and the final wave drawn back into the ocean of energy, where do you find your self? This is the question you must ask your self today? Where do you stand? Firmly upon the shore, distant from the last churning waves? Or up to your knees in sand? Or did you get drawn back out to sea?

Where are you now, right now? Where is your inner energetic self? Where is your center? Find it, and bring it in to calmness first, then allow it to settle down to your heart center, and breathe quiet breaths into this place of nurturing warmth. Calm down, not only your breathing, but your entire physical self, and allow your wandering energy to be contained.

Now, track your last few days, your energetic peaks and valleys. They may have been quite dramatic, or they may have been but lively swells; but all in all were they meant as tools of learning, lessons in the study of energy. Now, as this new week begins, as this new time of restless energy flirts with the idea of lull will your inner you continue to be affected, though with your notice less keen, for the energy will not itself be as noticeable.

Watch now your tenderness, your innocence, and guard it well, as the bubbling ocean does tease and teach you yet more skills of navigation in an attempt to lead you into the grip of energy that must now be avoided, even as the more dramatic energy of the past few weeks was to be avoided, and utilized, for your inner work. The world now calls for inner contemplation, for turning to the realities of life that so blatantly seek to alert you to the facts of change, and the lessons of life in overload. Even as energy consumption has led to such dire and expensive consequences upon that modern world you inhabit, so does the consumption of energetic frenzy also lead to overload within. Do not invite the sickness of overloaded energy. Do not blow your own energetic fuses, causing disruptions in your service, but learn, instead, how to maintain steady calm energy usage inside the self, balancing it with sober concern for your usage of material goods in your world around you.

Conserve the inner energy, conserve the outer energy, and maintain this balance in all aspects of life. This practice, if spread upon that earth, especially in the United States, could impact the entire world. If the citizens of the U.S. decided to become true citizens of the global world, the global community, and pulled innerly, conserving personal energy, then world wide usage, with less confrontation and less consumption, on all fronts, would the entire world feel their burdens lifting. Become part of a new energy usage, for inner calm, inner peace; and turn down the dial of extravagant energy usage world wide, becoming the new America, the new world, where each vessel navigates with awareness, compassion, and tenderness for all.

Utilize the skills you have learned. Place your vessel back in the waters of life, but traverse the swiftly running current and the frothy seas from your calm and steady heart-centered spirit self now, and do it differently. See where that takes you!

Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR