#18 Cubbyholes

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have any messages for us today?

I speak today of moderation, of learning not only balance, but also the necessity of living life with only that which is necessary, and only in amounts that are easily handled. For excess in anything is dangerous and counterproductive.

Find your balance first, each day, in your center, your calm place inside you. Use this as your guide, know the feel of it, and how it fits only you and makes you calm and aware. Keep your place here firmly in your consciousness as you go throughout your day.

From this place of calm center, can you better maintain moderation in all things. From here can you regulate your life in all manners, with maturity, and conscious effort to tackle your issues, and your challenges, with sober and small steps that will keep you in this balanced center.

When I speak of moderation, I speak of it in terms of every aspect of life. Regard yourself as ready to hurl yourself forward into new life and I say, yes, that is good, but that is not necessarily the best way to proceed. For to hurl yourself down the rabbit hole, and into a new world, may not be the best thing for you or for the rest of your life, at this time.

Seek balance; seek clarity now, on all the issues in your life that you need to address. Compartmentalize them in little boxes, each in its own cubbyhole, giving them each equal space, and equal attention, as you place them into their spaces. With each issue firmly placed, and safely acknowledged, can you now begin to understand what I mean when I speak of moderation.

If you tip over your box of cubbyholes and all your issues fall onto the floor in a big heap, then will you simply be overwhelmed. But, keeping them separate and known, each for their own intensity, will you have better access to them, and better perspective as well. Now, in moderation, is it possible to deal with one issue at a time, as it rises to your consciousness, but only in small amounts.

If your issue of abandonment arises, give it some attention, but do not allow it to overwhelm you so that it falls out of the cubbyhole and pours itself on top of you. This would result in suffocation and a sense of total helplessness. Remember, you are in charge at all times. You are the director. You already know the whole movie of your life, but you are attempting to revisit each scene now and look at it more clearly to discover what you missed the first time. So, it is important that you do not become overwhelmed or you will not understand all that is waiting for you to discover in your exploration of the self at this time in your life.

Return your issue to the cubbyhole after you have handled it a little bit, after you have ventured into its essence. As you begin to recall things that it is necessary for you to recall, step back, and ponder the little bit that comes to you. Keep your distance from the rest of it, concentrate only on the small amount that you can handle. To do this is to engage in the Act of Recapitulation that I have spoken of as being the most important aspect of growth and evolution. For, without solving the mysteries of the self, how can you expect to solve the mysteries of the world around you, and the mysteries and magic of the world to come?

Once you have given yourself the gift of a small amount of recall, whether it be emotional, physical, or memory, step back, putting your issue back in its cubbyhole for the day, and know that you have served yourself enough for the day. Now, it is time to look for some other aspect of your life, in some other cubbyhole, to balance you again. Choose something that will soothe you and serve you well in your quest for wholeness. Do this also in moderation.

Seek to understand and utilize this act of moderation daily in your life. Do not fault yourself if you go overboard in any aspect of your life, for in so doing will you discover what your own balance means to you, and what moderation means in your own life, too. For both balance and moderation in one person’s life is different from that in another’s.

I do, however, advocate certain things in order to begin to set you on a path of healing, of kindness to the self, and of potential. Begin your day with the calm centering I speak of, and the healing intent I have also spoken of. This does not need much time, but will help to ground you in your day. Sit quietly, for even a minute or two, each morning, perhaps before you get out of bed, center yourself, swirl your healing intent throughout your being, and compartmentalize all your issues. Then, begin your day. In this manner will you begin each day open, and calmly ready for all that you will encounter.

I also offer this physical balancing exercise that you can do anywhere, any time, in order to regain or establish balance in your body. This will also return you quickly to your internal calm, if you take it seriously, and understand its concept, for the physical body also requires the same amount of attention as the spirit body does.

Stand tall and straight with arms at sides, legs slightly and comfortably apart. Sway slightly from one foot to the other, adjusting your balance, first to the right side, then to the left, then back again. Adjust the distance between your feet as you sway, and if you require more distance, in order to maintain good stance and steady balance. As you do this action, visualize your body shifting your internal balance, too, to the point where you are shaking off all that seeks to cling to you. In this action, are you ridding yourself of attachments that desire your energy. You can do this slowly at first and build up to quite a vigorous back and forth motion, if you desire it. Or, if you are in public, standing on line somewhere, you can do this very gently, and almost imperceptibly, but you will know what you are doing, and the reason for it, and you will be able to shake up and shake off attachments. At the same time, will you also, as you slow down your back and forth swaying from one foot to the other, be reasserting your balance, both your internal balance and your physical balance. Stand quietly for a minute, when you have completed this exercise and feel yourself in your body again. Feel your energy settle down into your center, pull it in and hold it there, and know that you are fully capable of learning this moderation I speak of.

Keeping your physical self in good shape by beginning with one step at a time will lead you to greater balance in all aspects of your life. Seek to keep your body clean by eating real food and real drink. Enjoy the goodies of taste in moderation, too, for I do not advocate denial of any sort, but only moderation, for it will not serve you or your body well to have too much of anything.

You must learn to live in both worlds, the world of your inner spirit, and the real world with all that it offers you, but to do so in balance, with equal enjoyments of both worlds, requires work and attention to the self, without stress, and without defeating the self as you go. It will take time, but eventually, if you begin to practice moderation, will you gain the clarity necessary to navigate that life with balance and moderation that will serve you well in both worlds.

I think this is enough instruction for one day. I have given you access to many things in order to guide you on your path. Seek your own sense of what balance means to you. Seek moderation, not in the overwhelming sense, but in the step-by-step sense. For I do not advocate abrupt change in anything, for that will throw you out of balance as surely as if you had tipped all of your issues out of your cubbyhole and smothered yourself with them, after we have just gotten them organized.

As always, I advocate that change be attempted in small steps. Balance and moderation are simply aspects of change that will serve you well as you make your journey. Think of these aspects as offering you the opportunity to lay aside some of your heavy burdens for a while as you take a break on your travels. When you are ready will you look inside those burdens to see what it is that you are carrying, and whether or not you really need to drag it around anymore. But, this you will only do when you are ready, and only as much as you are ready for. This is practicing moderation, and learning balance. Be kind to yourself as you begin these practices. Allow your own knowing to guide you. Look for your balance and your healing center daily, and from this place of truth will you begin to hear your own true voice, and it will let you know, more clearly, with time and practice, exactly what you need to do next. But will you listen? That is your challenge.

Return to my words as often as you need them and they will guide you. Help yourself with the knowledge that all aspects of your journey are meant for you to experience and learn from. What are you learning about yourself and your own journey today, and where are you taking yourself? This is your path. What will your next step be, and where will that one take you? See what happens. You never know where your adventure will take you. Or perhaps you do.

#17 Practice Your New Abilities

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a short message for humanity today?

Take the time to learn the new roles of detachment that I have urged upon you over the past few days. Work on your intent of purpose and your place of central calm and balance. These are practices that will serve you well, especially in the coming weeks and months as the energy heats up and seeks to disrupt and sneak into your calmness, with distraction and strong pulls, to divert your attention and your intent.

Remain, in your personal world, focused on evolving and learning the practices that will aid you in this endeavor. I do not advocate strict removal from the world, as you know, but I do advocate centering inside the self, closely listening to the needs of the inner self to create the necessary balance, counteracting the strong pulls from the outside world.

As you work towards this perfect balance, as you continually re-adjust and keep yourself in perfect alignment, and in continual flow, so will you begin to understand what it means to evolve. As your own inner energy learns to balance, and your outer self learns to balance with the outside world, too, so will you begin to feel that your place in that world, and in life in general, is changing. Your outlook on life will change. Your ability to maneuver in life will change. Your interactions with others will change. And your ability to flow in your own life will change too. All of these new aspects of the self will be discovered, and this will point out to you how you are evolving.

As you change and evolve will you also discover new things about the self. For all of you are different, and within your personal life, and your personal world, are many things that must come to light that no one can determine except you. You are in charge at all times. You are the director of your own life. You are the source of energy, and the source of change, and the energetic medium that desires evolution.

Know this about yourself and give yourself permission to fulfill these duties. Allow your spirit access to all that awaits. Watch yourself evolve as you learn the practices I suggest for greater balance and awareness. These practices will open your awareness to greater experiences in both worlds, the outer world of reality, as you know it, and your inner reality as well. Your ability to experience this growth in awareness is significantly tied to your desire, and your intent, and your continued practice of learning balance.

Be kind to yourself. Allow yourself time to explore your new abilities. See what happens as you center your energy and find your calmness, your own source of energy and life. Nurture this aspect of your being and you will do well.

#16 Inner Healing

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have any messages for us today?

Stay now in a healing place. Push aside the illusions of that world and focus on the inner self. Remain steady in your center, and allow your own healing energy to permeate your being. Stay focused on inner healing, and you will find that the vicissitudes of life will pass by with little or no attachment, and your healing ability will have time to incubate and grow inside of you.

Allow outside influences and the intents of others upon your energy to remain distant from you, so that your focus can remain steady on the issue of healing. Even as you must remain in that world, so are there times when you must draw your energy inward, take it off the outside world for a time, and allow it to be reinvigorated, and nurtured, in your inner being. Such is the time now upon that earth for all men; to place your intent on inner growth, and avoid too much energy drain from outside of you, is now important. For the energy that now swirls upon that earth desires the energy of individuals in order to feed its greedy self. The energy abounds now in gluttonous need, and this does not bode well for the future, either the immediate future or the distant future upon that earth. The over-consumption of everything has far-reaching consequences and the stemming of this habit must begin in earnest.

Remaining focused on personal energy and personal healing at this time offers a firm counterpoint to the hungry energy that seeks to distract and copulate with the energetic desires of man who is unaware. In this merging will there result but more of this gluttonous energy, and that bodes not well. Is there not sign of this all around you? Is not over-consumption, in all its aspects, now the norm? Is there not greed and hoarding of the natural resources way beyond necessity? Is there not anger and dispute, as human beings seek to protect and wall off what they believe is their own?

Entitlement issues abound now upon that earth, but in reality is there very little that man needs, except to nurture his own energy source, his own energy wells, and his own source of light and warmth.

Energetically is the earth now facing dire consequences, both physically, as well as the unseen energy that all of you feel and react to on a daily basis. The energetic waves that result in actions, and decisions taken and made by mankind, are a result of this energy that I now warn against. Be cognizant of it, for it is very powerful as it sweeps in and captures many, keeping them bound, energetically, to its own hunger, and its own greed. As you become aware of this energy, as you notice how it wreaks havoc, destroys, and embodies the attention of the masses who become infected with its ferocity, notice how you begin to view it, if you maintain awareness of my point of view. That is, that you are totally separate from that energy that challenges and seeks your own energy. Do not fall prey to it, but instead draw in, as I suggest, your own energy to a place of calm and nurture, where you can utilize it, and allow it to warm your inner self, and in this way will it also enable your awareness to grow. As your awareness grows, so will your ability to navigate your world, as you begin to discover how little you actually need in order to live a fulfilling life upon that earth.

I encourage all to begin the process of inner growth, and inner nurturing of the self, and discovering the healing energy of the self. As you work in this manner, will you begin to understand the process of detachment that I speak of. You will learn to become balanced in your inner world and your outer world. You will learn to detach from that which seeks to grab your attention and take your energy in your outer world, and you will also begin a process of detachment from that which seeks to do the same in your inner world. For detachment from that which seeks to steal your energy is, by far, one of the greatest challenges you will encounter on your journey of growth and evolution. As you work through your issues of abandonment, rejection, and isolation of the spirit that I spoke of recently are you learning this process of detachment. As you work through your past, that holds you bound to old ideas of the self, both the outer self and, most significantly, the inner self, so do you begin to free up your energy so that it becomes available for your own healing and your own process of learning awareness and trust.

My instructions, to turn your energy inward to self-healing, are not meant to draw you too far from your real world, for yes, you must also live in that real world, you must maintain your state of responsible adult, at all times, and you must remain also available to the realities of that world that come at you daily and require your prompt attention. I do not mean for you to withdraw from life, though I know this is equally as strong as the pull to fully engage in the pulls of that life. You must remain alert and aware, at all times, to the life you live, and the world around you, or you will not understand the energy of that world that I speak of.

As you gain more knowledge of your own true energy though, so will you more clearly understand this outside earthly energy that I speak of. As you nurture your own energy, and discover your own truth, so will you begin to fathom what I truly mean by outside energy and outside influences. So, for now, make your forays into your inner self, learning adventures, that will begin to create a balance with your outer life. Pull in some of your energy that goes so readily to your outer life, and begin to nurture it in your inner life. Eventually, will you arrive at a more even place of balance between the two, and when you have achieved this new balance will your inner issues arise more clearly before you. In this new clarity will you also be ready now, with this new balance more firmly in place and natural, to tackle these issues that hold you from total fulfillment of your potentials and the possibilities that await you in that life.

I offer this guidance today in a time of intense energy pull from outside. I offer the knowledge that there will be hunger for your own energy, from this strong outside pull. I urge you to keep yourself aware of this. Look for the signs of this in your own life over the next few days, and as you learn what this means in your own life, so will you begin to train your awareness, and you will become more easily cognizant of how this energy seeks to invade your life, and steal your unprotected energy.

Go inward to create the balance that I speak of. Find a new place of calm and create a method that works for you in your busy life, so that you can readily go there and avail yourself of this calm place, even at a moment’s notice, so that you can regain your balance quickly. Return to this place of calm often throughout your day. Do this often and you will be good to yourself and learning well the lessons I teach. Go into your life with the knowing that you have within all the stability you need in order to maintain this new awareness of energy, both inside yourself, and outside yourself. You will do well. Keep your balance at all times.

#15 Intent

Dear Jeanne,
Your messages continue to affect and help many people. What would you like to talk about today?

Intentions. I would like to discuss the possibilities attached to your personal efforts regarding intent. This ties in, not only with my earlier message regarding the use of your own energy, but also all other issues I speak of, especially, most recently, the messages of abandonment, and rejection, and isolation from the self.

With pure intent of purpose regarding the journey of the self, to pursue the mysteries of the self with an open heart, is to allow the self to experience the possibility of tapping into, and enhancing, your own energy. Determine your intent regarding the investigation of your own journey so far, decide that it is necessary for your growth and you have begun to understand what I mean when I speak of intentions.

I use this word intent with the idea that it become a natural and gentle aspect of your day, that you daily set an intent, not with self-hatred, or self-denial, or self-doubt, but with self-love, and self-gratitude, and high regard for your own journey. For is not your own journey worthy of such tenderness, and such praise? Is not your own journey your only life that you now have, and does that not deserve your full attention and your full understanding?

Begin each day with a small intent. This is different from those small steps of change I have requested you begin to take in your life. Change in your physical outer world is one thing that will bring you closer to your inner world. But, intent, used properly, will begin to open you to the energy, and the possibilities, that exist in your inner world. Intent is firmly rooted in your spirit energy.

You already utilize it often, I’m sure, but to use it with awareness is to begin to see how the magic in your life can be utilized and tempered, so that it becomes a fine tool. Okay, so what do I mean by beginning your day with an intent? Intend, for instance, healing energy in yourself. Begin with a calming, centering meditation, placing yourself firmly in your center, and finding your energy there. Gather this energy into your center, holding it there, cupped in your hands, safe, warm, and vibrant, yet calm. Allow it to slowly spiral up and out in all directions from your opening hands, and as you allow it to venture out into your being, your physical body, intend that it be healing energy for you, and you alone. Stay relaxed as you intend this healing energy for yourself. As it swirls gently throughout your body, feel it as light, and as warmth, opening your inner self to all aspects of your physical body. Offer yourself this healing.

With this gentle and purifying energy, have you intended healing for yourself, loving and compassionate. Trust that you have within you the ability to utilize your energy in this manner. You are capable of releasing your own physical body from the disturbances that seek to block you from your own healthy energy.

Find now your place in your abandonment issues that I spoke of earlier. These issues require their own work, involving, not only the memory, but the physical body, the emotions, and the feelings of all of these aspects of the self, but all of these can be greatly aided by the addition of your own pure intent and energy of healing. In order to evolve, is it necessary to allow the self access to all that disturbs and keeps you bound in fear, all that keeps you hidden from yourself, and in so doing keeps you hidden from your own potential and possibilities in life. To simply change, without doing the vital work that is necessary, will result in no more than simply buying a new outfit. Your clothes may look different, and make you feel different, momentarily, but underneath are you still the same old you.

I offer all the possibility to change, to grow, to discover, and to evolve continually, every day of your life upon that earth. I realize I challenge you all with my messages, that I present many new ideas and introduce many strange possibilities. I know I expect that you are ready to engage these challenges, because you are reading these messages. I dare you constantly to confront the self, the outer self, in order to more fully discover the inner self, where all possibility lies.

So, my own intention today is to invite you all in to discover a little bit more about those possibilities that lie waiting inside that inner self. I offer this guidance as balance for the intensity of the work you are challenged to do on the outer self. To remain in, to seek balance in your inner world is as important a task as it is to discover the truth of the self, both the outer, and the inner self.

With pure intentions do I offer guidance, and with pure intentions should you also go forward into your work, both the work of the self, and the work of living your daily life. Know that all is possible, that life is full of mysteries, both of the past and the future, and depending on how one views and understands the past, is there possibility to discover the future differently, and to live a new life, fully enjoying the mysteries.

I encourage you all to embark on your own journey, with gentleness of spirit, with kindness for the self, with caring and admiration for that spirit which pushes you to take this journey, and desires you to slow down and discover the true meaning of your life and what you are fully capable of. Let your intent to heal be your guide today. Follow the energy of it within your body. Connect to it fully, and then, see how this calm healing energy that resides inside you, and you alone, affects you, in your wholeness, throughout your day.

Use your own energy to love yourself first, and in this manner will you begin to understand the difficulties that all have in their journeys upon that earth. But also, will you begin to understand the process of exploring your own energy source more fully in order to, eventually, over time, and with good practice, discover how you can utilize this inner energy source to benefit others and, eventually, have affect upon the entire world. Your own energy is the key, not only to your own life, and your own journey, but to all lives, and all journeys. The interconnectedness I spoke of is the linking of all energy, and when this reconnects in a vital way will there be change upon that planet.

As you begin to understand the power of your own energy source, and begin to practice intent of healing in your own life, so will you begin to understand what a source you truly have inside you. The combination of that powerful energy, and your own intent to use it properly and well, will have impact, both in your own life, and then in the lives of others, first those around you, and then others around them, and so on, and so on, even as the messages have impact, for the energy they carry comes with pure and loving intent that all of you may grow and discover the true source of your own power.

Stay focused on your spirit energy, now, even as the energy around you seeks to pull you from your path. Remind yourself of your truth, and pull yourself constantly back to your calm center, and feel that warmth of your own loving energy waiting for you. This is your center, this is your truth, and here resides waiting all the possibilities in the world.

#14 Tackle Your Issues

Dear Jeanne,
Your messages have been helping so many people. Yesterday you addressed the issues of abandonment and rejection, among other things. Do you care to expand on those subjects or speak about anything else today?

Clarity is not necessary at this point. In learning the process of letting go will clarity be gained in each individual circumstance. My messages are meant to be universal in content and, when applied correctly, also become intensely personal. I do not mean to do the work that must be done by each and every one of you. To gain clarity is part of the growth that I entice you all to undertake. As you grow to understand yourself, your inner self, and your outer self, so will you begin to gain more clarity on how your own dilemmas have caused and created the you who now exists. In the process of letting go, that I spoke of yesterday, do you have the opportunity to slowly tackle your issues, one at a time, going deeper and deeper until you arrive at the bottom, so to speak, of your core, and discover the process that will lead you to uproot the core issue that may block you, not only from truly living in that life, but may also inhibit your future growth.

I do not advocate jumping in and tackling your greatest issue until you have tackled some smaller ones. Understanding the processes I suggest may help you resolve these lesser issues and learn how the process works best in your own circumstances. Proceed from there to assign yourself to your deeper issues. If abandonment and rejection lie at your root then you will have to boldly, yet systematically, one small step at a time, investigate these issues in your own life.

As I spoke yesterday, in my own case, I kept myself quite reserved as regards my own issue of abandonment at birth, when I was adopted. It became my journey to live a life totally unknowing of who I really was, but underneath resonated another issue of why, of what did it mean to me, and why was this journey placed upon me from the very start? I spent my life, not only wondering, but also working through these issues and always finding more questions, constantly taking me deeper, to the very core issue of rejection. But I stayed always in command; my total control issue was bigger than my rejection issue throughout my life. As I dealt with it in my final days, I knew I had to finally let go in the biggest way possible, to finally release my self, and in so doing, my spirit, from the burdens of that core issue. In so doing, did I solve the difficulties, both that plagued me in life, and that held me back, at death. In granting myself release, did I catapult into new life, a new life without the burden of that rejection issue, and perhaps now I am in the position I am in because I allowed this process to unfold in its natural way.

I do know now that a life of unknowing was what I needed, and wanted, in order to evolve. There is no dispute there. But I had to complete issues around it in the time after I left that world. I completed my unfinished business, and was afforded the opportunity to progress, as a result.

Had I tackled my issues while still alive, in a different manner, as I suggest all do, I would have gotten to the same place I am now. This was due to the fact that as I gained clarity, right up to the point of my death from that life, did I act upon it. I did not hesitate to act on the knowledge I gained, but proceeded to work with it to solve the remainder of my soul journey.

I realize, that all of this may be presenting too many ideas too quickly. But, stay with me a bit longer, for in the end will you understand that you alone are your guide, and your teacher, and your own mentor. Life is meant to be figured out, to be discovered, and to be explored. It is too easy to live a life of receiving, and accepting, and living off the fat of the land, and the handouts of others. This is not true living, but simply taking the easy way out. It will end in repeated efforts, in future lives, to live a life of contemplation and discovery.

To discover the true meaning of the self, and the reason for just that self to be on that earth at this very time, is truly to understand your journey. To tackle your deepest issues, with the known fact that everything that has occurred in your life is meaningful, and part of your growing, your training in evolution, is to understand your own life differently. But, all of this requires your total participation, and it requires mature decision-making, and mature reactions to the consequences and the problems that arise. As you grow, as you become more aware of life as a journey, does all this begin to make sense and to become clearer. With clarity, are your decisions easier to make, and your work laid out before you becomes not as fears, but as challenges, and challenges are what will test you and prove to you that you are, not only an evolving being, but also fully capable of taking this journey with yourself.

So, my messages may occasionally be dense, but if you allow yourself to follow their guidance will you soon discover, that with mature and poised progress, will you find your way. And also, will you find your central place of knowing, and in the end, my messages will no longer be confusing or dense, but will instead resonate with the knowing already inside you, just waiting for you to acknowledge it.

You all have within you the capacity to discover this knowledge. You have within you the ability to grow and to evolve. All I offer are the tools to begin the process. Believe me, you are fully capable and fully aware of what I speak of.

Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR