Soulbyte for Thursday January 21, 2016

Life’s path is rarely straight and narrow, for life does not go according to any plan but takes one hither and thither, inviting one into the joys and sorrows, the mysteries and splendors of all that earth offers. Even a tree, rooted and stuck in the earth, unable to move, takes its own course, finding so many directions up and out, down and about. Do not hold life to a rigid standard, but ask the self to be as flexible as a sapling in the wind, as fluid as a mountain stream, as gentle as a prairie breeze, as strong as a mountain, facing all that comes as you take your journey with all that is in you. Expect yourself to flourish no matter the ground you walk upon or the place you have landed, for all of life nurtures in some way.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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