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Chuck’s Place: The Desire Body

All is Love… Love is All…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Someone once asked Carlos Castaneda if we should recapitulate our current love relationships. He paused, and with a shy smile gently replied, “Not yet.”

Carlos knew that recapitulation would take the buzz out of love and desire at the level of archetypal projection, that which fuels the dance of relationship in the physical world. He wanted us to savor our projections, before the personal dissolved into the transpersonal knowing of the all-pervasive impersonal divine, that which maya clothes in the unique fabrics of this world.

Transpersonal love simply can’t limit itself because, at that level of pure truth, all is love. Carlos didn’t want us to have to suffer too soon the essential loss of specialness that our local illusions provide, the puppy love of our desire body.

Strictly speaking, the desire body is the emotional component of the astral body, the energy body component of our Soul in human life. The astral body is the home of ego-Soul, composed of both mental and emotional components. The astral body is the conscious personality that navigates waking life in the body. At night that same astral body unhinges from the physical body and journeys in the dreams of its desires. Freud called dreams the land of wish fulfillment. Pretty astute, from a transpersonal perspective!

Emotion is the fuel of action. A thought or idea from the mental plane requires the motivation of emotion to manifest. Emotion has a magnetic charge. A want  is a mental idea imbued with a feeling tone that magnetically attracts, via the law of magnetic attraction, the object of its intent to us, or us to it.

As I sit and watch a show the thought or image of popcorn might appear in the mind’s eye. If the thought or image is then imbued with the energetic momentum of desire, I might pause the show, get up, and make the popcorn! A mental thought that lacks an emotional engine is not likely to result in physical action.

Hence the guidance, don’t attach to unwanted thought. Attachment is thought which, when given continued attention, becomes strengthened by the emotional energy of desire. Sustained at this level, desire ignites into blind compulsion.

Sex is a powerfully wired instinctive mandate at the subconscious, little soul’s level of body management. Cyclical release programs of both hormones and neurotransmitters, in concert with external environmental cues, trigger powerful waves of desire that inundate consciousness from the depths of the body unconscious.

Clearly, nature’s most primal imperative is survival via propagation of the species. Archetypal imagery imbued with the highly charged emotional energy of desire dominate mind and action. The power of these archetypes to overwhelm even the most apparently spiritually committed is evident in the Vatican’s recent conference on sexual abuse.

But what about sex beyond the childbearing years? As nature’s cyclical programs recede, sex is still possible. However, it requires the higher involvement of consciousness at the ego-Soul level of the astral body, with both its mental and desire components needing to be engaged, to stir the body physical. Sex at this stage is far more a function of choice than biological imperative.

Although habitual mental patterns of sexual preoccupation and expectation may persist at this stage, the emotional energy of compulsion becomes freed for higher refinement. From a chakra perspective this is the raising of kundalini energy from the sexual and will centers to that of the heart, where a more conscious love becomes possible.

Oh course, sexual union may indeed be a concomitant of love at the heart chakra center. However, at this later stage, its overriding motivation is genuine connection and affection. This continued refinement of love ultimately flowers into universal love, as one clears the channel to the oneness of High SOUL in infinity. Reaching this state of love while still in human form is possible, though quite formidable a challenge as well.

As love descends from its purest state at the High SOUL level, where it exists as the cohesive energy that binds all into oneness, it becomes increasingly separate and personal, eventuating in the desire body of human form. The major opus of human life is to refine the physical and astral dimensions of the desire body to ascend to true love of another and, ultimately, love for all. That truly represents coming home.

This is the major play on our current world stage. Can the collective human desire body rise to the level of interconnected love in this hour of greatest need? It will, because it must, but when and how has yet to be written. We are the active side of infinity here, and the heart of every individual is the active playing field of needed change. Synthesize pure love.

With love,


Soulbyte for Friday May 19, 2017

Thoughts have power. Other people’s thoughts have power. When did you stop thinking for yourself? When did you stop doing for yourself? When did you lose touch with your feelings? When did you last notice your breath and your heartbeat? When was the last time you sat and listened to the sounds of nature? When did silence lose its magic? It has been too long. It is time to return to the magic of yourself alone. Sit. Breathe. Listen. No matter where you are, enjoy the magic that is all around you. This is who you are, one silent, magical being among the rest. Be it. Practice daily. Just sitting, just being. That’s magic!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

A Message for Humanity from Jeanne: A New Perspective


Maybe it’s not the forest nor the trees that matter but what lies beyond…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Here is this week’s audio channeling. May it be helpfulĀ as we shift into spring and a time of new growth and opportunity. To change is a great and wonderful thing! Good luck!

Chuck’s Place: Prayer For Another

We all have access to the sacred oneness... - Detail from a collage by Jan Ketchel
We all have access to the sacred oneness…
– Detail from a collage by Jan Ketchel

In Tibet a delok, usually a woman, undergoes a temporary death, or Near Death Experience, and ventures into the astral realm where she receives messages for the living from the non-corporeal spirits that inhabit that realm. One such delok from the 16th Century reported how she met her master in the astral realm while he simultaneously protected her “dead” body and spoke to her. As he prayed for her, she merged with him in a state of cosmic oneness. From that place of oneness, she was moved and guided by his prayers to explore the afterlife. Upon return from her Near Death Experience she brought back what she had learned. From that state of cosmic oneness, accessible to all of us, we can experience the intent of another.

When we pray for someone, we send them an energetic invitation to, in a state of oneness, merge with that intent. In so doing, that person is invited to expand themselves beyond their current fixation into a whole new possibility.

Perhaps we know someone deeply encumbered by an addiction, with the limiting belief that things can’t change. From a place of compassion, we might seek to be helpful.

First we must accept that all beings are challenged to take responsibility for their own choices in life. To make a choice for another person cannot relieve them of their karmic debt to solve the dilemma they are faced with in this life. If we are successful in relieving another of their own choice making, it assures a return of the dilemma, either later in life or in another life to come. Thus, we cannot solve the challenges that others face, but we can send positive prompts through our prayers, offering them support by envisioning a different possibility for them.

Can we imagine this person transformed beyond their addiction? Can we hold that possibility fully within ourselves? From there, in a prayer, we can send that positive intent to that person.

Our prayer will energetically solicit the attention of that other person and they will be offered the energetic impact of it, perhaps in a fleeting thought, a feeling, or a sensation that invites them to expand themselves beyond where they are caught.

Imagine someone transformed... - Detail from a collage by Jan Ketchel
Imagine someone transformed…
– Detail from a collage by Jan Ketchel

For a moment in time they are afforded the chance to play dress-up with another possibility. That pause affords an interruption in the incessant continuity of the addict sense of self. That pause offers a moment to merge with a different self, and it might indeed be a life-changing moment.

American psychic Edgar Cayce spoke of a kind of therapeutic intent whereby the consciousness of one person can affect another. He believed that we all have the ability to channel health and healing for others. It is the purity of the intent, without ulterior motive, that will bring about the possibility of change.

And so, we are cautioned to examine the purity of our prayers. If the intention of our prayer is to change another person to meet our own needs, then our intent is overshadowed by our own merchant mentality. Indeed, the other person will be energetically impacted by our prayer even though our prayer is not freely given. In fact, the true message of such a prayer might be translated as, “please change to take care of me!”

That prayer, even if listened to, sows the seeds of its own demise. The actual invitation in that prayer is to help me not to grow, to stay fixated where I am through your support. This is not an evolutionary offering. True prayer is selfless. True prayer is non-conditional. True prayer is compassionate. True prayer is evolutionary. True prayer does not ask for anything in return. It does not ask another to change to benefit me but only the person it is directed to. True prayer offers visions of true possibility for another, inviting that other person to throw their own intent into manifesting change for themselves.

Pure prayer is powerful... - Detail from a collage by Jan Ketchel
Pure prayer is powerful…
– Detail from a collage by Jan Ketchel

I, as the giver, must fully accept that you, the receiver, might not be ready for the vision of the prayer and I accept your right to refusal. Nonetheless, I might incessantly offer my good prayers on your behalf, without attachment to the outcome, that you might be surrounded with reminders of what is possible, because, as Cayce also said, “Thoughts are things, and they have their effect upon individuals…” And if I can imagine you as a profoundly changed being, perhaps someday you’ll find your way to envision that same possibility for yourself, and merge your own intent with it.

I will continue to pray, but also continue to fully take responsibility for my own evolutionary choices, as we all must.