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#716 A Moment With Jeanne

Jan Ketchel channeling Jeanne Marie Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Early this morning I lay awake in bed and asked you for a brief message of guidance. This is what you said:

“Why do you have so many thoughts in your mind when thoughts do not even exist?”

At that moment I was in fact churning over a lot of useless thoughts. Jeanne’s response to my question came barging through all of them, very clearly heard, knocking them down as if they were dominoes. The effect was immediately releasing. I let the thoughts go and her question became a mantra, playing repeatedly as I drifted back to sleep.

I wonder did I just replace one set of incessant thoughts for another? From a shamanic and Buddhist perspective thoughts are illusions, manifested by the mind to keep us from our true reason for existence, which is to evolve, to reach enlightenment and release from all that holds us tied to the illusions of this world. There is however another mind that speaks only truth, which seeks to guide us and show us the means to change; this mind is within us and beyond us. I accepted Jeanne’s question as a means of shift from my usual thoughts that come in the night, the worries and conjuring ideas that do not in fact exist. Her mantra allowed me to shift away from that mind.

As I take a few days respite from work and routine I practice staying in the moment, asking myself to slow down, be patient, and above all else allow for release of old thoughts, habits, and voices. In each moment I ask myself to remain aware of just this moment, to notice something in my environment, in my body, in my unconscious, the other mind that opens the door to new experiences.

Today, I take a break from the usual channeling session with Jeanne and offer the question she gave me. It holds within it all that she normally speaks of, all that Chuck and I seek to impart in our writings: that we are all captivated by the incessant ruminations of the conjuring mind and we must constantly grant ourselves permission to depart from those illusions.

By allowing ourselves to change, to find a new way of seeing, to release ourselves from attachments, thoughts, and old habits, we allow ourselves entry into other worlds. Access to other worlds lies deep inside each of us. We can have access to them by trusting and allowing them to become part of our lives, by allowing for a new acceptance of many realities, and by constantly pushing away the illusions of the concrete world we live in, as it attempts to intrude into out “moments.”

What appears so fixed and real is but illusion. This is the true message that Jeanne gave me this morning. As I write this, in this moment, I let it go, for it is already gone. A new moment has arrived and I am open to what this new moment offers me. Staying with it, I am open to what it offers, but first I must let my illusions evaporate, my thoughts empty, my mind be open and my heart too.

Stay in the moment.