Soulbyte for Thursday April 11, 2024

-Artwork © 2024 Jan Ketchel

When things are difficult in the world around you, on both a collective scale as well as a personal scale, turn inward and take calming measures to alleviate anxiety and stress. Subtle suggestions to the body to relax and grow calm are often enough to begin a process of relief. Talk to your body often throughout the day in a strong yet gentle, commanding voice, assuring it that it is safe and calm. It is but unconscious matter and thus will take up any suggestions you give it. Your conscious self inhabits the body of matter and it too can shift as you give it commands. With the two in synch, conscious mind and unconscious body, you’ll make good progress in your goal of relaxation and calm detachment. Give it a try!

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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