Soulbyte for Friday May 15, 2020

Each morning upon waking, reset your intent. Put your foot down upon your path of heart and remind yourself of the goals of your spirit: to grow and evolve, to accept life and its vicissitudes, and to face your fears and your disappointments with equal vitality and purpose. Life does not wait for you to show up each day, nor does it expect anything of you, but your spirit does, for it is your spirit that drives and motivates you. Life is merely the stage upon which your spirit plays out its constant attempts to get your attention. Give your spirit its due. Pay attention to it and, with awareness, find out what it wants from you, for it is your everything, seeking always to set you right, to teach you, and to help you find again your path with heart.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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