Soulbyte for Thursday June 20, 2019

To aid in connecting body and spirit become more aware of your own energy, how it feels inside you, what it notices outside of you, and what it can do in your surroundings. Sit quietly and get to know your energetic self. Instruct it in what you want to accomplish and ask it to help you. Speak to it, ask it to do something, and then see what happens. Your energy, your life force, is your spirit inside you, but it is so much more than that, for it is connected to and part of the greater universe, that which creates and energizes all thing and, as such, is very powerful. Gifts from the universe come to aid you in your life, to help you, to protect you, or to encourage you, though you may not realize such things if you are not attuned and aware. Get in alignment with and use the power of your own spiritual energy wisely. Use it for good, and use it with loving compassion, intent upon enhancing the greater good.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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