Soulbyte for Tuesday October 2, 2018

Protect yourself from that which drains your energy. Embrace that which enhances your energy. Certain things you do have been telling you for a long time that they are not good for you. You know what they are and yet you continue to do them. When you are finally ready to let them go, do so with gratitude for their having taught you something and for having advanced you to a new stage where you can be without them. Notice what is good for your energy and use it wisely so that it does not just become another energy drain, for even a good thing is not good in too much measure. Seek balance in all things, within and without, so that nothing is denied if it is necessary, and nothing is overly done if it is not really needed. Have that which is good for you in good measure and have not that which is detrimental. It can take a lifetime to work this out, but it is work well worth doing!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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