Soulbyte for Friday March 16, 2018

Notice when you are about to tell a lie, to yourself or to another person, when you are about to say something that is just not true. Stop and question yourself as to your motives. Are you trying to hide something? Is lying automatic? Do you do it all the time without thinking? What part of you lies? Your inflated ego? Your wounded child? The part of yourself that feels unworthy? When you feel a lie coming on, stop yourself. Reverse yourself and correct your lie. Speak only the truth now, for this is no time for lying. It only makes matters worse. Get on the straight and narrow path of truth where all is already laid out. You know what that means, though it might mean you have to take responsibility for yourself in a new way. Just do it because the truth is right and what’s right may be painful but ultimately it’s what leads you to salvation, healing, and a better life. Stick with what’s right and speak the truth at all times. Let truth be your guide.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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