Soulbyte for Friday January 5, 2018

Focus on the positive. The negative is always there, just below the surface. No need to stir it, call it, or encourage it. Let it lie there unimpeded, fueling its own fire. It will eventually burn out on its own. Tend instead to the positive light within yourself, the light of change and growth, for that is the fuel of the future you, the one who is changing already and will one day be so changed that no one will recognize you. And who will you be then? An evolved being, of course. One who is so changed that you will not even recognize yourself! But you will know yourself in a new and deeper way, by your own heart still beating inside you, as it always has, saying, “Yes, yes, yes!” By then you will be freed of any need to be accepted, cared about, or patted on the back for the good work you have done on yourself, for you will be so changed as to have left all such ideas and needs behind. You will be changing for a different reason entirely then, simply because you will know that there is so much more to life! And your selfless heart will then say, “Move on without regret. Keep going, steeped in love for all that you are and all that is!”

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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