Soulbyte for Wednesday November 22, 2017

A soul circles back into life again and again seeking experiences, knowledge, and advancement. A soul encompasses all lives lived. A soul embraces all circumstances of life as necessary, thrilling, and enticing situations to be experienced and conquered. A soul is ready to take on everything it encounters. Know these things about your own soul as well as the souls of others. All souls have unique gifts, purposes, and intent. All souls come into life on earth challenged to accomplish a great feat. What is your soul’s great feat? Can you look at your life as your soul’s great feat and respond appropriately to its yearnings for accomplishment, abundance, and manifestation of all that it is capable of? You are your soul’s lifetime partner, the most significant relationship you and it will ever have. And that is where true love is to be found, within the circle of you and your soul!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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