Soulbyte for Tuesday October 10, 2017

Love is the universal language, the energy connecting all living organisms, the principles of which confound the most brilliant of minds, for who has not experienced the mysterious power of love in the everyday miracles that abound and surround you. For it exists in the air you breathe, in the people you meet, in the world you live in. Boundariless it flows through every plant, animal, and living thing, even in the sun upon your brow the warmth of it touches all of you. And, if you let it, it will fill you with love for yourself, the most important lesson and miracle of love, for if you can learn to love yourself you will know and understand true love, which soothes all troubles and knows only itself. You will know that love is more than something you get but something you give, something to become available to, to open to, to let embody you, so that you may powerfully love without discrimination or cause. In the end, with that love inside you, you become one with the most powerful energy of all. You become all that you truly are, a most loving being.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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