Soulbyte for Friday September 1, 2017

What is pain but something that comes for a visit, something that does not exist unless you give it a name, unless you invite it to stay by claiming it as your own. In identifying it, attaching to it, letting it attach to you, it becomes yours. In releasing it you send it on its way, like an old friend who has overstayed a visit, no longer wanted in your house. Time to go! Shoo! Shoo! When you let pain in, ask yourself why. Find out its reason for landing on you, for being in you, its necessity. There is always a reason. What are you holding onto? What does not want to let go of you? Pain is stuck energy, and energy is vibration, motion, an amorphous thing that wants to move, to flow, to be free, like the wind, like the ocean waves, like you. Thank it for coming to teach you and then free it, release it, let it go!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Addendum: Pain is real. For 10 years, at the very least, I suffered from chronic pain. No certainty of diagnosis was ever established. “There is no underlying medical reason for your pain.” Each morning was a struggle just getting out of bed and getting my body moving. It wasn’t until I had completed my recapitulation of childhood sexual abuse that the pain went away. I have not suffered from it since. This morning I woke up in pain! When I asked why, the above Soulbyte is the answer I got! -Jan Ketchel

BTW, the pain went completely away as I channeled the Soulbyte. Some good energy therein!

One thought on “Soulbyte for Friday September 1, 2017”

  1. Jan, such a timely post! After several weeks of being pain free, which admittingly felt really good, woke early this morning, held tightly back in it’s grip. After first demanding, “WHY????”, immediately wondered how I could possibly function at a long day at work.
    Next I read your message….what synchronicity! Like so many times in the past, it was spot on and very energetically imbued.
    As always, thank you for being the voice in the dark, lending support and leading the way.

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