Soulbyte for Thursday August 31, 2017

Do what needs to be done with certitude. Hold yourself accountable for the decisions you’ve made and without blame finish unfinished business before it overwhelms you. That which is left undone remains energetically attached to you even though you may not realize this. It is responsible for your moods and tempers, for your tiredness and inactivity, for your cravings and desires. Free yourself of your burdens one at a time by fully confronting them, taking responsibility for them and for getting yourself moving forward in life. It’s never too late to shed the old and begin anew, to get up and get moving in a new direction, with new plans and a new outlook, but you can only do that if you fully release yourself from the old. That’s how you really change, one day at a time, responsibly shedding one old thing and taking on one new thing. Isn’t it time? And don’t forget, you have all the power you need within!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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