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We are very pleased to announce the publication of Volume 4 of The Recapitulation Diaries.

A book rich in psychological and shamanic content, Place of No Pity takes the reader in vivo into the experience of disentangling sexual abuse from one’s identity and true sense of self.  Additional themes include familial relationships, mothers, fathers, detachment, dreams, and shamanic experiences, as well as the strange and fascinating course that recapitulation can take as it unfolds in everyday life. Intimate and revealing, Jan does not hold back but takes you into her life, her psyche, her dreams, and her deepest struggles. It is a powerful book, rich in offerings whether one is doing a recapitulation, helping someone through the turmoil of trauma, or simply interested in the workings of the psyche, the body, and the spirit.

As a friend who read it during its editing stage said to Jan, “As usual, you grab me with the first sentence!”

All of Jan’s books offer validation and insight to those who suffer, especially those who have been traumatized by childhood sexual abuse, but most importantly they document a process that has the potential to lead to a complete revamping of the self. For Jan this meant, in clinical terms, a complete healing from complex PTSD resulting from sixteen years of childhood sexual abuse.

Given the raw nature of the experiences described in her books, we advise caution, as the contents of the books can serve as triggers to memories or experiences that may not be consciously available. Perhaps this may be the time to read Jan’s books, but it may just as well not be appropriate at this time, so reader discretion advised. This is not a book for children and even adults must proceed with caution.

Published under our own imprint, Riverwalker Press, all of Jan’s books are available in both paperback and e-book format through Amazon. A complete list can be viewed on her author page, J. E. Ketchel. Please don’t hesitate to “look inside this book” on the Amazon pages.

Though we ask for nothing personally, if you feel so inclined as to write reviews of our books at Amazon you may directly impact the life of another being. We personally know that comments made by you, our readers, have indeed led people to find recapitulation after many years of searching for a means of healing from life’s deepest woundings. So, we thank you on behalf of the many who have benefited from your insight and reflection!

Here it is: Place of No Pity

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