Soulbyte for Monday June 20, 2016

Ground yourself today. Know that because you are there upon that earth that you belong there. You have as much right to life and survival and possibility as the next person. Own your life, your breath. Feel your heartbeat in the wind, the sun and stars, in the waters and the moon, in all that surrounds you. For you are one with nature, your pulse pulsing with all else; even that which you fear and detest is energetically part of your world. Do not fear and detest but love and abide together as the one being you all are, struggling to figure it out. Have compassion but move always forward and onward to that which brings you stability and joy, to the heart of life. Find in your own life the greater fuel that will catapult you to greater knowledge of all that is, to love that is as natural as the air you breathe and all that it is truly capable of. Seek to awaken that love within and your life will have its own great fuel to give and carry you forth each day of your life. Gotta love!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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