Soulbyte for Sunday June 19, 2013

When life comes calling, in all its many forms, what will you do? Run and embrace it? Deny it and hide from it? Resent its intrusion? Who are you to decide the course that life will take when all that life wants is to become, to activate, to take a natural path to completion. That natural path to completion takes many forms, but completion implies being fulfilling and fulfilled, so let life in. Let it lead and guide you, showing you where to go next, just as the leaves of a tree are guided by the sun to open and spread wide, to give and receive before the fall comes and their completion too. Live, it’s what you are there for. Unburdened of fear, guilt, and regret, let life show you to your own completion. Life, love it!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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