Soulbyte for Saturday April 9, 2016

The shadow self is the part that constantly tries to take over, to leave you unconscious of what you are doing, playing out old repetitive behaviors and actions no longer worthy of your time and attention. The shadow always lurks, seeking to dominate. It can be restrained and yet it will never be completely subdued, for the shadow is as much of who you are as your spirit is. Know its qualities of tenaciousness and speed and turn it from adversary to compassionate accomplice, asking it to aid you as you journey through life, to be ready at a moment’s notice to jump in and save you from yourself, for its energy is inexhaustible and can be used for good if consistently honed and diligently used in such manner. Shadow and spirit together in positive union, a mighty force indeed!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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