Soulbyte for Sunday March 13, 2016

The Middle Way is never a straight and narrow path but one that loops and weaves, for sometimes the spirit leads and sometimes the body takes over, each wanting their own adventures. Then again, sometimes they travel together as one being and it is at such times that much progress is made. However, for the most part, being part spirit and part human naturally¬†presents¬†a constant dilemma. Find balance by asking the two parts of the self, the opposites within, to share the journey responsibly, especially at dawn and at twilight, the opposites without, when the most promises and decisions are made. It may take some work to get these opposites into alignment and back on the proverbial path of progress, but such opportunity knocks every day, at least twice! Remember this as you watch the sun’s rising and setting each day, spirit and body hand in hand, taking another step on the winding path of life.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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