Soulbyte for Monday March 14, 2016

Rather than scold yourself for being stuck or slow to progress along your path of growth and evolution take where you are right now as a most valuable step along the way. Study how you got there and why. What keeps you there, and for whom? Are you really stuck or are you there because you need to be?

Sometimes what you have been telling yourself is the wrong thing. Tell yourself something different and see what happens. In saying the opposite of your usual inner chatter, in turning it on its head, you might find that you are not in a bad place at all but in the best possible place for this moment, and you might find that you are no longer stuck but moving right along in a new direction, taking the next natural step on your fascinating journey of change. Sometimes it isn’t what you think that matters but how you choose to think about it!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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