Soulbyte for Sunday November 15, 2015

There can be no light without the dark and there will be no dark without the light, for they are opposites and as such belong together. They must be paired, must be brought together if they are to be discovered, known, and fully realized for what they truly are, as two halves of the whole Self.

Self-realization is the key to everything. Take in the world around you, learn from it, for it holds many truths and necessities, but it is in the deeper unconscious self, in the light and dark of Self that wholeness will be found.

All the answers you seek lie within. No matter what you seek without, turn always, at the end of the day, back into the Self and find what you need therein. Eventually, all beings must go there, for it is the path of the evolving spirit Self. Are you not an evolving spirit too?

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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