Soulbyte for Saturday November 14, 2015

This is a little late getting out due to storm damage in our neighborhood. Finally found some internet! The November Witch’s ¬†wind came through last night with a vengeance, just as news of the attacks in France were coming through. Jan’s brother in France reports that he is safe, but in the meantime there is a lot of tornadic energy still out there.

On Thursday night, Jan had a numinous dream in which a huge energetic force sucked all energy from the earth, destroying all of nature, revealing what lay buried in the depths of the earth, a large coiled cobra. Then a giant tidal wave came and washed over everything, bringing a new order. Jan stood calmly as all of this took place around her. After the tidal wave she calmly walked away, followed by the cobra, to higher ground, but all that had been was transformed. The valley that had been a river was now the ocean, transformed from the personal to the universal. This is what Jan understood as important now, the new world order is universal love and compassion.

Today’s Soulbyte is twofold, urging deep reflection and a change of attitude.

Universal Guidance:

It is time for all beings to be who they truly are: loving, compassionate beings, to not go to the side of fear, anger, or despair but to remain solidly on the side of good. There is no other path if mankind is to resolve and solve the dilemmas of the world. Hatred breeds hatred. Fear needs fear in order to relish victory. Good will bring good, compassion more compassion. Love is needed. Let it begin with you. Now.

Personal Guidance:

Notice how the body wants its pleasures in spite of what else is going on. It asks to be taken care of in the usual manner. It wants. The ego tries to take over and set things right, to assert itself to gain balance and remain practical. But where is your spirit and what does it want? It knows there is a higher calling for all beings and there is no time like now to align with that.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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